Compute and analyze the accounts receivable about-face ratios for Coca-Cola and Walmart. Announce all numbers you acclimated to account the ratio. What constitutes a "reasonable" accounts receivable about-face ratio? What characteristic(s) of these companies would announce that these ratios are reasonable? Back up your answers with facts and adduce websites and argument references used. Why ability Coca-Cola and Walmart advertise their receivables? Coca-Cola Visit the Coca-Cola website. You will charge to acquisition the banking advice and the anniversary reports. At the site, bang your abrasion on "Company" (bottom of the page). Then, locate "Investors" at the top of the page, and accept “Filings and Reports.”  Under the appellation "Filings and Reports," baddest "Annual Filings (10K)." Choose the 2020 anniversary report. Note in the Discussion Board which year's advice you used. You will charge to annal through the anniversary address to acquisition the advice you charge to acknowledgment the questions. Remember what you abstruse in Accounting I about banking statements to advice you acquisition what you need. Walmart Go to the Walmart website. Remember what you becoming in Accounting I about banking statements to advice you acquisition what you need. Scroll to the basal of the Walmart homepage. Under the "Get to apperceive us" column, baddest the articulation "Our Company." Select the articulation "Investors," and on the drop-down card baddest “Financial Information.” Then baddest the "Annual Letters and Proxies" beneath the Quick Links area. Finally, baddest the "2020 Anniversary Report" PDF link. Respond application the advice from the website visits. Take the time to analysis the responses of your classmates and accommodate your feedback. References The Coca-Cola Company. (n.d.). https://us.coca-cola.com Walmart. (n.d.). https://www.walmart.com

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