1. Abstracts analytics has offered abounding allowances and challenges to organizations locally and globally. The ambition in this altercation lath is to acquisition out about some of the abstracts analytics’ allowances and challenges in altered industry sectors of your choice. Acquisition an alignment with a abstracts analytics use case. Describe the use case, the benefits, and challenges of abstracts analytics to the alignment you accept selected. Please don’t echo the use case from an alignment that others in this cilia accept presented in their posts. Abutment your column with advice and concepts from the chic readings. Use APA-style references wherever all-important to abutment your discussion. You charge accomplish at atomic two absolute responses to your classmates’ posts. Respond to these posts in any of the afterward ways: · Build on article your acquaintance said. · Explain why and how you see things differently. · Ask a acid or allegorical question. · Share an acumen from accepting apprehend your classmates’ postings. · Offer and abutment an opinion. · Validate an abstraction with your own experience. · Expand on your classmates’ postings. · Ask for affirmation that supports the post. Discussion Length (word count): At atomic 250 words References: At atomic two peer-reviewed, bookish account references. Reply Post  When acknowledging to a classmate, use 3 - 5 sentences alms your assessment on what your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of their choices.

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