Discussion 250 words. Make sure you provide 2 references and utilize APA style

  Week 14 Discussion: Anxiety Disorders  L.P., age 23, is a white woman who accelerating from academy aftermost year. She began alive as an accountant 1 ages afterwards graduating. Approximately 2 months ago, she confused into a two-bedroom accommodation with addition woman who works at the aforementioned accounting firm. She states that her acquaintance recommended that she see a doctor to acquisition out if she has anemia or “some array of fatigue syndrome.” She states that she has acquainted “restless” and “on edge” for best of the accomplished 9 months. She becomes calmly fatigued and annoyed and has adversity apperception and falling asleep. She states that sometimes her apperception “just goes blank,” and she is afraid that her assignment achievement is no best excellent. She letters that all her activity she had acceptable grades in academy and was actual acknowledged in aggregate she attempted. Although she has been “a worrier from the day I was born,” now she worries added than she anytime has and feels afraid “all the time.” L.P. letters that she has a acceptable accord with her boyfriend, but they do not get to see anniversary alternative actual generally because he is accessory alum academy 100 afar away. She letters accepting a acceptable animal accord with him. She denies accepting any problems with relationships with her parents, roommate, or peers. She denies accepting any banking worries unless she is accursed from her job for poor assignment performance. She letters that she has consistently been advantageous and has taken acceptable affliction of herself. The alone medication she takes is bearing ascendancy pills, which she has taken for the accomplished 4 years after any adverse effects. Diagnosis: Generalized Anxiety Disorder  Questions: 1. List specific analysis goals for L.P. 2. What biologic analysis would you prescribe? Why? 3. What are the ambit for ecology the success of the therapy? 4. Describe specific accommodating ecology based on the assigned therapy. 5. List one or two adverse reactions for the called abettor that would account you to change therapy. 6. What would be the best for second-line therapy?

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