discussion 21

  Strategic planning involves a about-face from seeing animal assets as liabilities to that of assets to an organization. After account the abstracts for this module, appearance the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu9QWojx8qE advantaged "When Barry met Sammy - A Funny Appearance of Animal Assets and Knowledge Management." Afterward, apprehend the afterward book and acknowledgment the questions (based on the argument and the video) and acknowledge to at least two alternative person's animadversion (5 pts): The account console has thoroughly interviewed you for the job and concludes with article begin in your argument -- "Put yourself in the abode of a accessible employee, either academic or real. As a accessible employee, or a approaching accessible employee, how do you ambition to be categorized, as an "asset" or a "cost"? Are you the agnate of an affectionate allotment of acreage or are you a accountability to be minimized? Do you like these categories: assets and costs? The key catechism is area the affection and body of advisers fits into a account of cardinal animal "capital" administration – if at all." After answering those questions, acquaint the panelists how this would appulse what you do if assassin as the Director.

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