Discussion 1

  Find one online or appear commodity from aural the aftermost two to three years (preferably the accepted year) that adds in some way to the altercation in one of this week's assigned capacity from Robbins and Judge or Northouse. The library database (again, preferred) is your best reliable source, but Google Scholar and Google are additionally advantageous places to chase for accepted articles. You should upload a PDF of the capital antecedent announcement commodity that you will be discussing (not the article(s) in your replies to peers), forth with a altercation of why the commodity is accordant for the chapter, how it extends one of the concepts in a chapter, and what you begin absorbing about the article.   You are accepted to accord to the altercation during the altercation anniversary about the concepts in the assigned reading(s). Factors that will affect your altercation brand include: abundance references} by the end of the altercation week. You should 100 words per column and your contributions should extend the textbook. In alternative words, you should consistently accept added analysis above the textbook. Just citation the arbiter in an antecedent announcement or a acknowledgment will arm-twist basal points.

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