Deliverable 7 – Conference Presentation

Competency Summarize billow appliance scalability concepts. Appraise billow appliance benchmarking and affability procedures. Assess cloud-based accomplishing strategies. Select a deployment belvedere appliance adapted criteria. Describe billow aegis architecture. Contrast methodologies for the architectonics and deployment of billow applications. Student Success Criteria View the allocation explanation for this deliverable by selecting the “This account is graded with a rubric” link, which is amid in the Details & Advice pane. Scenario You are the Billow Architect for a startup company. Your aggregation has deployed several applicant implementations on the accessible cloud. Your aggregation advance wants you to adapt the presentation for a DevOps accident in Silicon Valley. This accident can accept a big appulse on your aggregation to allure added clients. You accept pushed several web applications to the accessible billow in the past. You accept absitively to use the best practices from your deployment adventures and use them to actualize a PowerPoint presentation for this event. You accept additionally absitively to accessory these adventures with a apocryphal bearings to accord your presentation a added holistic and absolute feel. The apocryphal bearings will be that a aggregation called “Investment Karma LTD.” will cycle out a website for applicant advice and interactivity with the company. The website will be a all-embracing armpit that handles audience from about every country who advance on all of the world’s banal exchanges. Instructions Create a PowerPoint with the afterward information: Make abiding to thoroughly explain in accelerate addendum for anniversary accelerate why you fabricated the choices you fabricated for the company. Slide 1: Select a accessible billow bell-ringer for Investment Karma LTD. and accommodate an overview of the applicative casework offered by the billow vendor. Slide 2: List the accessible billow apparatus acclimated for the company’s web appliance deployment. Slides 3-4: Actualize a Web appliance deployment architectonics that will be acclimated on accessible clouds. Slides 5-6: Modify the architectonics diagram and accommodate pertinent databases including those which use managed service. Slides 7-8 Explain what a CI/CD activity architectonics should entail. Be abiding to accommodate connected affiliation and connected delivery. Slides 9-11: Explain the use of cloud-native accoutrement (at atomic 3), that you can use to advance the aegis of Investment Karma’s web applications. Slide 12: Describe a way to apparatus abstracts encryption for the abstracts stored in the adapted databases. Slide 13: Identify the actual benchmarking apparatus that was called to appraise the billow service. Slide 14: List a minimum of 5 bookish assets that you acclimated to actualize the advice for the PowerPoint.

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