Deliverable 7 – Business Management Concepts Capstone Power Point (12SlidesMin)

  Competency This adequacy will acquiesce you to authenticate what you accept abstruse about able business administration by creating a presentation accompanying to Business Administration amount concepts. Evaluate amount business functions and methodologies that abutment business growth. Utilize administration abilities to access authoritative effectiveness. Devise administration strategies based on activating business environments. Apply human-centered concepts to aerate assurance and relationships. Evaluate the role business technology plays in authoritative business decisions. Interpret abstracts to accretion insights for business decisions. Scenario You are the newly-hired CEO of a Fortune 500 company. You accept been in this new role for 6 months. During that time, you accept had an befalling to assay the business operations and appraise the all-embracing authoritative effectiveness. It is now time for you to present your assay and allegation as it relates to amount business functions and methodologies, authoritative effectives, administration strategies, agent engagement, business technologies, and abstracts analysis. Instructions Prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you assay your allegation from the assay of the business functions and operations of the afterward organization: Johnson & Johnson. In the presentation, you will: Highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company’s amount business functions. Describe how managing assortment and admittance can appulse the organization. Discuss how the abridgement of agent assurance and architecture able relationships can appulse the business. Assay assorted advice sources to advance one advocacy strategy. Provide a assay of one arising business technology to aid in accomplishing of your recommendation. Advance a administration activity plan to apparatus your recommendation. Resources accept been provided to abetment you in evaluating your called organization. It is accepted that forth with the assets provided that you absorb advice from the readings, your research, and claimed acquaintance (using APA citations area appropriate). NOTE - Each accelerate should accommodate apostle notes. Be abiding to use APA citations area adapted as able-bodied as able grammar, spelling, punctuation, and book structure.

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