DBMS Assign

 Task 1 – Design (40 Marks) a) Produce an article accord archetypal for the proposed database arrangement for Universal Conference Management. This should be a absolutely normalised archetypal to third accustomed anatomy (3NF). You do NOT accept to appearance the accomplish you took in normalising the data. b) Produce a abstracts concordance for the article accord archetypal assuming all attributes, with abstracts types and anecdotic primary and adopted keys.  Task 2 – Abstracts access and Abstracts Manipulation (45 Marks) a) Create all the tables application SQL. Appearance your ‘create table’ scripts and the accomplished tables. b) Enter abstracts on all the contest apparent in the assignment. c) Enter abstracts for FIVE (5) barter and accessory them with events. Note that a chump ability accept added than one accident associated with them. d) Enter abstracts on agents and items taken from the assignment. Give a advertisement of this. e) Write a concern that selects all the contest ordered by a accurate customer. f) Write a concern that selects the agents and items assigned to an event. g) Write a concern that selects all the customers’ capacity for contest that crave a laptop. h) Write a concern that counts all the birthdays that charge accessories from Edison Sound and Light. i) Write a concern that shows all the contest and their barter that charge a waiter. j) Update the account table so that Account 2 is no best a laptop but a ‘tablet’. k) Update the agents table so that Tara Patel is now accepted as Tara Williams.  Task 3 – Appraisal (15 Marks) Give an appraisal of how the assignment you accept done has met the requirements of Universal Conference Management.  Submission guidelines  Your acquiescence should be in the anatomy of a distinct word-processed certificate that includes any all-important diagrams.  The chat calculation for the certificate is 1250 words (excluding argument in any diagrams). You should explain any assumptions you accept made.  A agenda adaptation charge be submitted on a CD, USB beam drive or alternative analogously adequate medium, forth with a archetype of the developed database 

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