Create a certificate that includes all the afterward information. Content: Provide the name and acquaintance advice (address, buzz number, and website) of the state's bureau that licenses your adolescent affliction program. Provide a account of the accomplishment requirements for cadre such as apprenticeship and acquaintance bare for anniversary position: Licensed Family Adolescent Affliction Provider Teacher Abettor Teacher Director Account the accumulation admeasurement and developed to adolescent arrangement requirements. Format: Document- no awning folio required Be abiding the architecture and alignment of your appointment are bright and includes the afterward information: The appellation "Resource Collection RC-VI-1: Regulation of Adolescent Affliction Centers" Your name Please use absorbed assets and links https://ncchildcare.ncdhhs.gov/Provider/Training-and-Professional-Development/Education-Requirements  (copy and adhesive the aloft articulation if you cannot bang it) **RUBRIC**   Abilities and accumulation sizes Mastery: Advanced or exceeds accomplishment Thoroughly abbreviated their states abilities for Teacher, abettor abecedary and administrator and accumulation sizes and developed arrangement requirements.   Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement Provided an absolute advertisement of accompaniment bureau advice including Bureau Name, Bureau abode (physical area of agency), • Bureau buzz cardinal and website information. Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement Assignment is chargeless of grammatical or spelling errors.

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