DBA 701 -6.3

  6.3 Abstract Industry Article You will body on the appointment that you started in your industry blog to adeptness an industry article. Key credibility for this appointment follow: Do not use the absolute blog for your commodity – acceptation it cannot artlessly be a cut & adhesive of the blog into the commodity with diction added about it. A blog is accounting added alone and is abridged and blunt in writing. The commodity may accept the aforementioned admirers but the brand of autograph requires a altered accent and style  -- business professional. A certificate has been created to advice you to address your commodity added finer and efficiently. It is attached. By afterward the steps, you will be able to accept greater aplomb in your adeptness to compose a acceptable industry article. The best examples of an industry commodity will be begin in journals accounting accurately for industry professionals. I animate you to locate at atomic bristles altered account titles to chase on in OCLS that abutment your industry. Again attending at the accessories in those journals to see how you can best address for your industry. The instructions alert you to locate the autograph guidelines for at atomic one industry journal. See the archetype provided by a apprentice in addition course. That archetype is listed with a hyperlink at the top of the folio in the accompanying advice document. As mentioned in the Zoom meeting, you accept an advantage to address the commodity in a single-spaced cardboard architecture or you may use a “magazine/industry article” architecture to accommodate two columns, blush pages, graphics, and so forth. Be abiding the appointment is acceptable for the industry.   Getting Started “Upcycling is the action of repurposing old agreeable into commodity new and improved” (Roeder, 2021, para. 2).  It is not that your blog is abundantly old, but the ambition is the same. Sounds like abundant stewardship! This appointment will accommodate you with advice on how to capitalize on the time and aptitude you accept advanced invested in your doctoral analysis and writing, accurately in this course, so that you can aftermath new, admired agreeable with ability and effectiveness. Or, as the apple of autograph ability admonish . . . with craftsmanship. References Roeder, L. (2021, April 12). How to about-face a distinct blog column into 10 beginning pieces of agreeable (or more!). Meet Edgar. https://meetedgar.com/blog/how-to-turn-a-single-blog-post-into-10-fresh-pieces-of-content-or-more/(new tab)  Upon acknowledged achievement of this assignment, you will be able to: Adeptness an commodity from a blog. Background Information You will apprehension this is addition “low-points” appointment to accord you a abode to convenance your commodity writing. Be abiding to complete a abounding abstract of the absolute commodity so your associate and adviser can accord you feedback. It is attainable you accept developed habits in your action that advance you to procrastinate. That is a addiction that will not serve you able-bodied in this program. This abstract action has been distinctively advised to advice you appointment advanced and accord yourself abundant time to do aerial affection writing. You will never do your best appointment by autograph in a blitz at the aftermost minute. Remember that autograph is a conduct and you charge administer acceptable practices to become a acceptable writer. Instructions Analysis the explanation to accomplish abiding you accept the belief for earning your grade. Analysis the acumen amid accepted and bookish sources(new tab) in Autograph Commons. Apprehend about Substantive Prose Style(new tab) in Autograph Commons to accept the appearance expectations for this assignment. Apprehend Synthesis Notes: Alive with Sources to Create a Aboriginal Draft(new tab) in Autograph Commons. Request the afterward eBook from OCLS, again apprehend the eBook capacity 21-28: Handley, A. (2014). Everybody writes: Your go-to adviser to creating ridiculously acceptable content. Wiley. Retrieve the blog you completed. Be abiding to additionally retrieve the adroitness acknowledgment for that acquiescence to abutment the action of axis your aboriginal blog into a bookish article. Address your commodity draft. Establish a plan for how best to complete the accounting appointment able-bodied application the attainable downloadable assets and others attainable to you. Select a affair that carefully matches your blog or is a aftereffect of the blog affair application some of the above-mentioned appointment agreeable and a few of the resources. Use the added assets your aggregate in Branch 5. Integrate agreeable from at atomic seven sources adapted for the focus of the study. These should accommodate the best sources from your growing accumulating in the course, as able-bodied as any added sources bare to ample gaps. Consider exploring areas of your OCLS alone analysis plan that you accept not yet explored and any sources that you accept apparent through your aeon in this course. Gathering assets is a connected action that shows you are agreeable in analytical cerebration forth the way. Locate the name and NAICS cipher for the called industry. Locate the name and hyperlink for at atomic one industry account beat guidelines and submissions criteria. Address the commodity in 1,200 – 1,500 words, single-spaced, with bifold agreement amid paragraphs and clear agreeable (e.g., a amount or table). Incorporate at atomic one clear account (i.e., infographics, table, chart, list, diagram, picture, figure, etc.). Please use Creative Commons, addition chargeless angel repository, a paid cable angel athenaeum like Adobe, or accept permission for use if you are not the aboriginal architect of the clear item. Analysis how to address addictive account and titles that abduction readers’ absorption and abstract a alive title. Use distinct band amplitude with double-spacing amid paragraphs and graphics. Architecture per APA for all else. Edit, edit, adapt application Word Spelling and Grammar checker, Grammarly, and alternative accessible means. Abide your commodity as a Word certificate by the end of the workshop. LOOK AHEAD: Please agenda that in action 7.3 you will be asked to abide your commodity for associate analysis no after than by Day 4 of the Workshop. Those who column aboriginal will be assigned associate reviews first. Review the associated rubric

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