DB 5

 This Discussion will give you another chance to watch creativity in action. Be sure you take the time to respond to at least two other classmates’ posts as well. Activity: Draw a Picture
 For this Discussion, take 2 separate pages of plain white paper. Place two dots about the size of a small pea anywhere you wish on each page. Give 1 page and a pencil to two different children (one in the age range of 3-6 years old and the other from 6-8 years old, if possible). These children can be your own, belong to a neighbor or a friend, etc. If you are not able to find children to work with, you may work with two adults.Simply give the child the paper with the dots and a pencil (no colored markers or crayons). The only instructions you need to give them are to finish the picture. Just observe…no other directions. If you are unable to find the specified age groups you can even try this on adults. It is interesting to see what happens. Do not ask them if they are finished. Let them tell you. Then let them tell you about their picture.After completing the experiment, record your observations in this Discussion Board: Describe the similarities and differences in the pictures drawn by the different-aged children (or adults). Identify which children (or adults) ones were more responsive.Identify anything about this experiment that surprised you. Why? What about any of your other classmates’ observations?

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