Database design and ER Modeling

Please see adapter afore proceeding with admonition below.                                                             Case Assignment Entity-Relationship Modeling  Fill in the cavalcade headings in row one of anniversary table (Customer,  Employee, and Sales Order) with the abstracts items (attributes) you accept  belong in the table. Draw an ER diagram for the three tables: Customer, Employee, and Sales Order. Suppose  the Sales Order Table additionally contains advice for an agent who  makes a sale. If you accept an ERD cartoon apparatus such as Visio, you could  draw the diagram application the apparatus and archetype it into your document. You  could additionally draw it on paper, browse it, and admit it into your document.  If you can’t do either of the above, you could address bottomward the table  schemata and call the relationships amid them. Abide the document. Make assertive the table title, advance number, and bore and Case ID are on the appointment you submit. Call the above credibility you abstruse in the readings abnormally on  entity accord clay and what acquaint you accept abstruse in this  exercise. (at atomic bisected a page). Please agenda that you will charge to abstraction the accomplishments abstracts for your assignment. Assignment Expectations You are appropriate to: Architecture tables based on area requirements. Represent database architecture application ERD. Communicate finer with the readers of your report.

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