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Server Lab 1 Questions 1. Account some of the uses (roles) of a affiliate server. Book server, appliance server, and web server. They can administer emails, accommodate web services, accommodate book storage, etc. 2. Discuss some differences amid workstation software and server software. Workstations are about acclimated by a distinct being admitting servers accommodate casework over a arrangement to assorted computers. Workstation are about acclimated for CPU tasks and simulation projects, clashing servers which are mainly acclimated for abstracts storage, to run databases and adapt data, DNS, and to host web pages. . Account some advantages of mapping a agenda amid on a server to a workstation. 4. Discuss how you would add new users and groups to your server. Include a altercation of the permissions that you would charge to accede in accomplishing so. Next to the Control Panel articulation accept the Active Agenda Users and Computers. Afresh aggrandize the area you appetite to actualize the user in and adapted bang the user’s folder; baddest new user and put the advice adapted into the textboxes; by adapted beat this binder you can additionally add groups. To accord users permissions adapted bang the database and accept backdrop afresh baddest permissions, if the user you appetite to admission permission to is not on the account you can chase and baddest their name and afresh analysis the permission you appetite to admission them. Some permissions that a user ability charge are: read, write, apprehend and execute, account binder contents, modify, etc. Server Lab 2 1) Back you answer your server to area ambassador and installed DHCP, what would appear if there was addition area ambassador already on this network? 2) How has your book server been afflicted by announcement your server to a area controller? ) We set the DHCP server to accommodate a attenuated ambit of IP addresses. What is the best ambit that it can provide? What would be the starting and catastrophe addresses if this abounding ambit were utilized? 4) Explain how a DHCP charter works. Back a accessory tries to affix to the internet the arrangement requests an IP address. The DHCP server leases the accessory an IP abode that is afresh forwarded to the arrangement via the router. The DHCP updates the adapted servers with the abode and alternative information. The accessory afresh accepts the abode and the DHCP reallocates the abode or leases one that’s available. Then the accessory is no best affiliated and the abode becomes accessible again. 5) Describe the purpose of the advanced and about-face DNS lookup zones? How do they differ? DNS is acclimated to construe area names to IP addresses. A advanced lookup area is a DNS in which the hostname to IP accord is stored; back a computer requests the IP abode of a assertive hostname this area is queried and it allotment the result. A about-face lookup area does the opposite; back the computer requests the hostname of an abode this area is queried and the aftereffect is returned.

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