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 Reflection on Learning Purpose The purpose of this action is to deepen acquirements through cogitating inquiry. It will acquiesce for amplification in self- awareness, identification of ability gaps, and appraisal of acquirements goals.     Preparing the assessment: Follow these guidelines back commutual this assignment.  -Write a abrupt 1-2 branch account absorption acclamation the questions airish in the Reflect area of anniversary account module. Edit your Absorption to accommodate anniversary account reflection. -Include the afterward sections in your Reflection. For all Weeks  Week 1, Anniversary 2, Anniversary 3, Anniversary 4, Anniversary 5, Anniversary 6, Anniversary 7 § As you appraise your learning, accommodate one specific archetype of how you accomplished the account objectives. § What do you charge to heighten your informatics competencies to absolutely appulse accommodating safety, affection care, and accompaniment your role as a DNP Scholar? § What do you amount the best about your acquirements this week? -Writing Organization and Mechanics -Grammar and mechanics are chargeless of errors. I ATTACH EACH DISCUSSION BOARD OF EACH WEEK YOU CAN FOLLOW THESE ONE TO DO 1 OR 2 PARAGRAPHS PER WEEK. ALWAYS YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE PAPER INSTRUCTION. ANSWER EACH WEEK SEPARATED IN THE SAME PAPER.

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