Discussion Question:Neuman Systems Models is a adjustable and adaptive archetypal which can be activated to assorted aspects of nursing disciplines. Today, the archetypal is acclimated globally as a nursing conceptual archetypal to adviser class development, analysis studies, and analytic convenance in the abounding arrangement of health-care disciplines.Define a nursing convenance breadth area you could administer Neuman Systems Model. What accommodating citizenry would you target? How would you use this archetypal to adviser best practices? How would nursing outcomes be determined? Use at atomic one accepted analysis commodity accompanying to your convenance example.Assignment:Roy and NeumanCreate a PowerPoint presentation that addresses anniversary of the afterward points/questions. Be abiding to absolutely acknowledgment all the questions for anniversary ammo point. Use bright headings that acquiesce your assistant to apperceive which ammo you are acclamation on the slides in your presentation. Support your agreeable with at atomic one (1) antecedent and the arbiter application APA citations throughout your presentation. Make abiding to adduce the sources application the APA autograph appearance for the presentation. Include a accelerate for your references at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations accompanying to argument size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements. Analysis the explanation belief for this assignment. Create a PowerPoint Presentation to altercate the following…Sgt. Eddie Johns leaned aback adjoin the armchair in the outpatient orthopedic clinic. His arch was killing him! He wasn't abiding which was worse, the "morning after" cephalalgia or not actuality able to beddy-bye at night. At atomic aback he had a few beers beneath his belt so he could bolt a few hours of sleep. It had been like this aback he was air abandoned aback stateside from Afghanistan afterwards the roadside bomb went off. He was beholden that he had alone burst his leg in a brace of places and gotten a bad bang on the head. They alleged that alarming academician abrasion but he didn't apperceive what that was and absolutely didn't accept them anyway. He was still cerebration aloof fine. His acquaintance Joe wasn't so lucky! How was Joe activity to apprentice to airing on those bogus legs? He was still in the hospital in Washington, DC. That was appealing far from his home. Eddie admired he could appointment Joe. They had been in the aforementioned army for 9 months. But, Eddie was animated that he had been able to appear aback to his own home boondocks for outpatient treatment. It took an hour to get actuality but at atomic he could see his babe about every day. Abiding he had confused aback in with his mom but it was easier to accept addition to advice him get about and baker for him. It was a affliction that he couldn't appointment adapted now. He estimated it didn't amount abundant aback he absolutely didn't accept a job to go aback to. He had been replaced at the plant. They said they would acquisition article for him to do already he could get about added easily. Eddie abiding hoped the doc would booty the pins out of his leg today and accord him a approval to work.How would the use of the Roy Adaptation Archetypal abetment the assistant in planning the assiduity of affliction for Sgt. Johns?Describe the access of Roy's Theory in allegorical the nurse's accomplishments in announcement Sgt. Johns adapted self-concept.From the angle of the Roy Adaptation Model, why is it important for the assistant to accept to Sgt. Johns' "story" in his own words and not aloof abject her interactions on advice from the chart, adolescent colleagues, or his family?Based on Neuman System’s Model, analyze at atomic 4 stressors from the case study. Create a plan of affliction based on Neuman Systems Archetypal for Sgt. Johns. Assignment Expectations:Length: 10-15 slidesStructure: Include a appellation slide, cold slide, agreeable slides, advertence accelerate in APA format. Title/Objective/Reference slides do not calculation appear the minimum accelerate calculation for this assignment.References: Use adapted APA appearance in-text citations and references for all assets activated to acknowledgment the questions. A minimum of one (1) alfresco bookish sources and the arbiter are appropriate for this assignment.Rubric: This appointment uses a explanation for scoring. Please analysis it as allotment of your appointment alertness and afresh above-mentioned to acquiescence to ensure you accept addressed its belief at the accomplished level.Format: Save your appointment as a Microsoft PPT certificate (.pptx) or a PDF certificate (.pdf)

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