Scenario The healthcare industry continues to face abounding challenges such as ascent costs, customer prices, decree costs, absent revenue, mergers, and acquisitions. Most organizations are aggravating to abode these barriers by implementing affection advance strategies. You are about to alum from academy and are attractive to acreage a job in the healthcare industry. After several weeks of research, networking, and appointment job applications, you accept a alarm from a aptitude accretion specialist with Testing Health, Inc. After the antecedent buzz interview, she tells you how afflicted she is with your resume, skills, and knowledge, and so she would like to move advanced with the abutting accomplish in the hiring process. She informs you that the abutting footfall will be to accommodate the hiring administrator an befalling to appearance your ability and compassionate of cardinal planning and marketing. You accept been accustomed a anniversary to adapt a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover narration. You will accommodate the aptitude accretion specialist with the presentation via email, and she will advanced it to the hiring administrator for review. To adapt your cardinal plan and business presentation you will charge to analysis the website of a aggregation of your allotment aural the healthcare industry (M Health Fairview in Minnesota is the company). You will analysis the about page, mission, vision, casework they provide, their ambition audience, any account or accepted mergers and acquisitions, and their aftermost annual report. Based on your review, analyze a mock, quality-improvement focus area. You will actualize a PowerPoint presentation analogue a 3-year cardinal plan and business action based on your articular focus area, which may accommodate abacus or eliminating services, products, or agents for the aggregation you researched. Instructions Develop a 3-year cardinal plan and business action application PowerPoint with a voiceover account that includes the following: A Strategic Plan that includes the afterward components: The company’s accepted mission and eyes statements Actualize a flowchart to call the actual components Focus breadth (at atomic 2 key goals) Objectives (3-4 which defines anniversary goal) Strategies with timelines (How you will accomplish anniversary objective?) A Marketing Strategy that includes a flowchart accelerate and the afterward components: Business cold (statement of what the aggregation wants to achieve) The ambition audience Business advice action (e.g., radio, tv, or Internet) Timelines of how the business action will be executed Your appointment should accommodate a appellation accelerate and advertence accelerate with a minimum of two Internet sources and one bookish source. 

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