First abridge readings 11 and 12 and the Ted Talk separately. Second, amuse acknowledgment the catechism that the authors of account 12 pose: We altercate a array of laws and behavior that contributed to structural racism (e.g., Slave Codes, Homestead Act, redlining, GI Bill). How, if at all, accept those behavior shaped your life, your ancestors members’ lives, or those of your ancestors? (Please pay appropriate absorption to behavior here) Alternately, if you are addition for whom this catechism does not administer (if you are a first-generation immigrant, for example), again accept addition catechism from the account on pg 30-31 of account 12. Make abiding to acknowledgment the specific catechism afore you acknowledgment it. Lastly, accommodate at atomic one catechism that the actual brings up for you.  post should be at atomic 250 words. Reading 11: https://thefeministwire.com/2014/10/blacklivesmatter-2/ TedTalk: https://youtu.be/nyE5nI1nRJI

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