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apa format 1-2 paragraphs references : Why are you here?  You will charge to accept apprehend all the items listed in the appropriate readings and videos to be able to complete this assignment. Surveys appearance four out of bristles workers today do not absolutely feel affianced in the assignment that they do because they don’t acquisition abundant acceptation in the assignment that they do. Acceptation and purpose are added more important to advisers and their customers. Research shows a amazing access in purchases fabricated by consumers from companies that accept able values. For this week’s discussion, accept one of the bristles approaches companies are demography to appearance the customer how abundant they affliction for the environment, and present a appraisal of its abeyant to advance socially amenable leader. Defend your positions with aboveboard sources and specific examples. Our altercation appointment this anniversary may be a little confusing. The title, “Why are you here?” (Bolles, 2018) refers to one of our appropriate videos in Module 4. Basically, for the purposes of our discussion, accept an alignment and explain the access it is application to be socially responsible. According to Grow Ensemble (2021), the afterward are the 10 best socially amenable companies in 2021. Patagonia Bronner’s Klean Kanteen All Good Products Warby Parker Ben & Jerry’s Bomba’s The Grove Collaborative Aspiration TOMS

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