CST 110 Persuade Speech

Please use the template (below in green) and fill into the topic pitch template provided. Once you have completed your 3 individual Persuasive topic pitches you will upload them here and groups will eventually meet to discuss these options. Remember, on the second page of the document you can copy and paste the format for all 3 of your topic pitches to get you started.

Persuade Pitch topic attachement below.

For your viewing pleasure…


Here are links we would typically cover in class to help you see persuasive speaking in practice. Please note that our class will have various options of structure that may apply more suitably to your speech writing/topic. Most students tend to choose a Problem-Cause-Solution format but other structural options will be available to you such as Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, Problem-Solution, Comparative Advantages, and Problem-Cause-Effect-Solution. Please note that solutions are required in your persuasive final manuscript & video. Not all of the examplesbelow follow the same structure but all of these examples provide solutions.

Persuasive Topic Pitches
Provided is an example of an effective topic pitch for persuasion. For this assignment you will need to
submit 3 topic pitches. Below is the example of a complete pitch. Please make an attempt at a
potential thesis for each of your pitches. Below are guidelines for what makes a persuasive pitch a
workable topic: Begin with the summary of the topic, followed by the problem it is creating (so we
can eventually find solvency), a thesis, source that proves credibility, and the URL of the citation.
You are not married to these topics and they may in fact change if you or your group desires but you
will ultimately narrow to one final topic as an individual or group.
Pitch #1
Topic : PEP Post Exposure Prophylaxis
In this latest development of AIDS research, Post Exposure Prophylaxis, or PEP, functions as a month
long regimen of pills designed to stop the contraction of HIV by intercepting the virus initial attachment to
The Problem: (A problem must exist for your analysis so we can find solvency)
Unfortunately, in the United States PEP is only being distributed to Health care workers who experience
accidents in the workplace and only Medical officials decide when and if PEP will be administered to the
general public in the event of potential HIV exposure.
Thesis: Each thesis should include two key aspects: Identifying your “topic” and your “stance” on
that topic.
EX. Therefore we must examine how PEP is effective in order to continue the fight against HIV.
Relevance: (A source that demonstrates relevancy OR a problem exists) (Topics within the last 2
years only)
According to the Dec. 14th, 2022 HIV Prevention Section of the San Francisco Department of Public
Health clinicians linked the rapid administration of the drug to an 81 percent decrease in the risk of
contracting HIV. PEP is the biggest breakthrough we have in the fight against HIV.
URL of Citation:
*Follow the format below when preparing your pitches
-type into the document provided.
Persuasive Topic Pitch
A.) Topic & Summary:
B.) The Problem:
C.) Thesis:
D.) Relevance:
E.) URL of Citation

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