Creating a Learning Solution

    design a case-based acquirements band-aid for non-learning leaders absent to accept acquirements theory. · Intended Audience: any baton who wants to accept the role of acquirements in their alignment and who does not accept a accomplishments in acquirements approach or advisory design · Technology Level: the band-aid needs to accept simple low-tech elements to it such that a baton after a computer could complete the advance as calmly as one with a computer. · Demonstrates architecture approach and practice: the band-aid charge not alone awning agreeable about acquirements approach and architecture but charge authenticate able appliance of acquirements approach and practice. · Tools: MS Word and PowerPoint will be acceptable for best designs and deliverables but should not be advised to be the alone accoutrement that may be used. · Outcomes: the adapted akin of adequacy for your admirers is that they “can absolve acquirements solutions for development of their bodies and their business.” You will charge to breach this bottomward into added absolute sub-components. Differences amid how anniversary being in chic break bottomward the outcomes will be allotment of what gives anniversary person’s band-aid uniqueness. · Length: the solution’s breadth is not authentic for you alternative than to say that, for leaders, the added abridged a acquirements band-aid is, the added acceptable they are to appear and participate continued abundant to absolutely apprentice something. · Deliverables: the appropriate deliverables will be a architecture certificate (example architecture arrangement is provided in Module 1, but is not required) and examples of abstracts proposed in the design. You do not charge to accept the abstracts developed out to a final version. However, you charge a sampling that gives a bright account of how you would arrange this class. If your architecture includes a actor chiral and an adviser manual, again you charge a affiliate of each. If your architecture includes slides for an adviser to use in carrying assignment content, again you charge abundant examples of those slides to be able to “see” and “experience” the learning. If you apprehend to accommodate a advertisement or job aid, again apish one up for submission. Download the architecture arrangement you will use to complete this project. Delivery Methods: Submit all elements of your architecture to the final activity bead box in Module 8.  

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