Create a PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes in each content discussion slide. Explain the relationship between disease management and population health needed.

  Scenario The key to an able and acceptable citizenry bloom administration affairs is to apperceive your abiding ache patients and drillmaster them. The success of citizenry bloom and abiding ache administration efforts hinges on a few key elements: anecdotic those at risk, accepting admission to the appropriate abstracts about them, creating actionable insights about patients, and apprenticeship them circadian against convalescent choices. Instructions As your bloom arrangement is drafting a cardinal framework for the PHM program, you are tasked with creating a PowerPoint presentation with abundant apostle addendum in anniversary agreeable altercation slide. Explain the accord amid ache administration and citizenry bloom bare in the afterward areas: Describe the accustomed abiding diseases for the citizenry your bloom arrangement is serving. Describe the risks associated with the admeasurement of these abiding diseases. Assess how the citizenry will admission advice and assets to anticipate and administer abiding diseases. Construct a abiding ache advice plan that helps patients with abiding diseases to accompany convalescent choices and to use citizenry bloom resources. Use your allegation from above-mentioned accumulative assessments in modules 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05 to actualize the PowerPoint. Use bristles affection references to abutment your appraisal and findings.

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