Kensington Realty Title, LLC is a full service real estate settlement company providing assistance to the residential real estate, commercial real estate, and lending industries.


The Company is licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia to assist lenders, brokers, sellers and buyers in connection with their real estate closing transactions; ensuring the recording and conveyance of a clear title.

KR Title, have a seasoned team of settlement agents, processors, and short sale negotiators who are trained in processing purchases, refinances, short sales, and all matters required to handle real estate closing needs. Knowing that time is of the essence on all transactions, the staff work diligently to process all files in a timely manner.


The mission is to educate and empower homeowners, one closing at a time in the nicest way possible.  Whether the client is a first-time homebuyer or a real estate investor, the company would like all of their clients to leave with a sense of satisfaction that homeownership is responsibility that they are confident in repeating.  At Kensington Title, we would like to be a company that is always looking for the best in technology and innovation and at the same time being sensitive to the environment by lessening their carbon footprint.  As a company the employees will put the needs of the client first, by communicating all necessary information in a timely fashion and with respect.  Their customers will feel like this is their company.  

Core Values: Professionalism, Integrity, and Teamwork.

· Professionalism: Both internally with peers as well as to external customer level, employees must keep clear appropriate behavior based on courtesy, communication and responsibility. Employees should keep each other abreast of events, policies and procedures. Work and be responsible for their actions, this means being punctual, meet your obligations and work with honesty and integrity

· Integrity: We should demand, to others and ourselves the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity. We safeguard company assets. We comply with all laws and policies of the company.

· Teamwork: Foster an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and results through teamwork. Our leaders teach, inspire and encourage active participation in the company, along with professional development. We encourage communication and open and effective interaction.

Organizational Culture:

It has a culture with a high service orientation towards the customer. The focus is on efficiency, productivity, customer, and the results. KR Title, implements a proactive culture where offered solutions and requires people committed to the cause.

The service culture has become differential advantage over the competition. Its philosophy includes a conception of the client as the figure that keeps the business.


1. Organizational Structure: Change the organizational structure when it comes in terms of making decisions. The company has a traditional organization, based on the control command of the president. Decisions making are hierarchy by one person, which results that at many times decisions are extended, which in many cases results in the lost effectiveness. The president of the company does not have all the “knowledge” about the situation and holds the General Manager to do her job of making decisions about her own work.

Decisions should be taken by the manager with the contribution of employees who has knowledge of the fact and is in direct contact with the customers. The company must develop skills that will allow to recognized the importance and benefits of good communication and effective strategies to improve communication in the organization network.

2. Productivity – (Incentives): A customer service culture should be built and generated by example: you cannot give good customer service if you do not meet the needs of employees and partners. Without external customers a company cannot be maintained, because it needs to generate profits. It’s also true is that to create external customer loyalty the key is to have satisfied internal customers and dedicated to their work. Internal customers are not just employees and workers, but contributors to the mission of an entity economic; and as part of human talent possessed by each company. Thus, KRT must begin with an incentive plan aimed to internal customers (employees and partners), motivation is needed to work for compromise and not by obligation.

3. Operational- (Innovation): To keep up with the changes and competitiveness, our goal should focus on keeping processing all files in a timely manner by cutting down the processing time of a file. Simplify and reduce the processing time and the amount of paper use by using an Integration Program. We create many pre HUD to loan officers and real estate agents. We received pre HUD request daily, which forced the processor to interrupt her routine to prepare them. The idea is to (minimized, filter, and simplify) the orders and cuts the time the assistant takes typing the information; by having this application, they can self prepare their HUD. The software will contain purchases, refinance and short sale templates with our fees. Agent and loan officer will be able to manually make changes, and inputs seller/buyers/property information and more. The system will calculate the recordation and transfer taxes, pro rations, etc.

Also the title order will be place online. There, the entire information inserted will get transfer to our electronic file, all forms will also be electronic so that the information provided by the agents will populate in our file.

4. Human Resources: Promote self development so that people are able to improve and have new knowledge that will help the employees to accept the changes with less fear. Encourage achievement orientation in all its members, through the creation of awareness and the design and implementation of programs that stimulate new ideas to conduct the increased of organizational effectiveness.


I would like to highlight two important aspects: first, the best way to increase the effectiveness is doing things differently than the traditional form, incorporating a constant change in organizational performance and second, Investment in staff training and upgrading, is another aspect of special significance to become the engine shaft and transformation processes.

It’s Important to be clear that the change requires a high level of commitment, investment and dedication to achieving the new situation, that if there is no active participation and support of those who have the decision making power in the company, is very likely that the change will not be successful or left unfinished, which can be detrimental to the organization.

The stated vision facilitates change management features business dimension and guide its efforts to meet the expectations of the organization. It also makes it easy to break paradigms, probably very useful in the past, but which have lost their meaning over time, with new rules, in line with the times and very useful to meet the demands of the future.

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