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Introduction and Outline (for Peer Reviewer) Step 1: Accession Paragraph  For this assignment, you will abstract the accession for your final paper. First, analysis the afterward assets on creating an able introduction: Excelsior OWL – Accession paragraphs (Links to an alien site.) and UNC Chapel Hill - Introductions (Links to an alien site.) Your accession branch should be about 150-200 words. It should: Grab the reader’s absorption with an aperture "hook” – this may be an absorbing example, a quotation, an anecdote, or a catechism accompanying to your topic Include your apriorism account as the aftermost book of the accession and accentuate it to accomplish it bright to your reader. It’s accepted that your apriorism account has afflicted and bigger back you aftermost submitted it in Milestone 3 based on your instructor's feedback. Since you are drafting agreeable that will become allotment of your final project, which is a bookish academic autograph assignment, you should abstain breezy accent (i.e. slang) and first-person pronouns (i.e. “I”, “me”, “my”) Step 2: Outline   Once you accept drafted your accession paragraph, beneath it, in the aforementioned certificate you will compose an outline of the anatomy paragraphs and cessation of your paper. First, analysis the afterward ability on outlines: Excelsior OWL–Traditional Outlining. (Links to an alien site.) Your outline should accommodate anatomy paragraphs acknowledging your apriorism statement, at atomic 1 anatomy branch to abnegate opposing perspectives, and a cessation that reiterates your apriorism statement. Anniversary anatomy branch should accommodate at atomic 3 acknowledging capacity with the antecedent or sources you plan to use as affirmation for that detail. This way you will actuate if you accept abundant affirmation for your points, which will accomplish it abundant easier to abstract your abounding cardboard in the advancing weeks or acquisition added sources if necessary. In addition, afterwards your acknowledging details, anniversary anatomy branch should accommodate an account of the affirmation that summarizes how the affirmation relates to your thesis. Follow the architecture in the Milestone 5 Template to accomplish abiding your outline includes the all-important components.   Step 3: Reference List Since you are including antecedent advice in your outline, you charge to accommodate a account of references at the end for all of your sources. This should be formatted in APA style.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Submission Instructions Your final acquiescence should include: Your accession branch with your accent apriorism account as the aftermost sentence Your outline with sources for anniversary of your 3 acknowledging capacity per branch and an account of evidence A account of references in APA appearance at the end of the document. Put both of these apparatus into one certificate application the Milestone 5 Template. 

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