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First Research Paper “Progression of Art and Architecture, Renaissance Influences on Western Culture”


The term Renaissance means “rebirth” and so that historical timeframe of roughly 1370-1600 AD that we generally apply to the Renaissance Era signifies a rebirth of culture and civilization in the wake of the Dark Ages or Middle Ages. In the wake of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD Europe had experienced nearly a thousand years of discord and disruption as small states sought to fill the void left behind in the wake of the Pax Romana. With this discord in the Dark Ages came a struggle to survive for many Europeans that left cultural pursuits such as art, architecture, literature and science wanting.

With the onset of the Renaissance, Western Europe specifically and Western Civilization subsequently would undergo a revival of classical Roman and Greek ideas particularly with respect to science, art, literature and architecture. Even religion would be impacted at the later stages of the Renaissance when Martin Luther instigated the Protestant Reformation. However the revival of art, science, architecture and literature all owe a debt to both Christendom and Islam. Many classical Roman and Greek manuscripts had been spared the ravages of the Dark Ages and saved through the efforts of Christian monks and Islamic scholars in their respective libraries.

From these unlikely beginnings, the Renaissance germinated and continues to influence us today. 

For this first assignment I want you to consider the readings from your text and the links I’ve provided below as well as any research you may conduct on your own. Then I want you to put together a paper, between 2000 and 2200 words. In it I want you answer the following questions:

How did Renaissance architecture subsequently influence Western European and American building design? Provide examples. What role did the Renaissance play in the development of Western European art and who were its greatest practitioners? The rekindling of scientific inquiry played a large role in the progression of the Renaissance. Please describe the process of scientific inquiry and discuss how Renaissance science benefitted mankind. Finally I want you to discuss the importance of the invention of the printing press to the Renaissance.

When your paper is complete, please submit it to the assignment uploads area. Please be certain that your file is saved as either a or x file and that it is submitted in 11 or 12 pt Arial or Times New Roman font, with double spacing.

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