Controversial Technology

  The apprentice will analysis and address a 3000 chat paper, bifold spaced, APA formatted paper on a arguable affair that involves technology. For example, abounding new admiral advance amusing media including Facebook, My Space and Twitter. As a law administration manager, what are the implications (strengths and weaknesses) of amusing media? Could the use of amusing media actualize abeyant action violations? Does your bureau accept a action on amusing media? Other examples accommodate the accumulating of DNA (proposition 69), drones, body-worn cameras or the use of cyberbanking accessories on antagonistic suspects. It is up to you on the topic, but it charge be controversial. Thoroughly abridge the technology or affair and accommodate an addition to the technology (history and use of technology). The analysis cardboard should analyze and adverse the arguable affair and its appulse on all stakeholders, including the public. The cardboard should additionally appraise the limitations, strengths and abeyant of technology about to your arguable issue. Finally, the cardboard charge highlight the role of a accessible assurance administrator and how the technology can advice or aching the commitment of casework to the public. The analysis cardboard shall accept a minimum of ten (10) references including at atomic one internet source. Make abiding to adduce all references in the anatomy of the analysis paper. This is a 3000 chat assignment.  You charge accommodate an abstruse for this assignment. The cardboard charge be in APA architecture and accommodate all sourcing of advertence abstracts (in-text citations and advertence page. It is acerb recommended that you acquaint with the Writing Center aboriginal in the affair and admit their advice in arrive the APA format. It is your albatross to accommodated with them aboriginal on to ensure that your cardboard is reviewing afore the appointment is due. My argument books for this chic are:    Rose, Jeffrey A. & Lacher, Donald C. (2016). Managing Accessible Assurance Technology: Deploying Systems in Police, Courts, Corrections and Fire Organizations. Routledge Publishing. ISBN: 9780323296090 Paperback, ISBN: 9781138689954. Available at best above websites.  Police Analysis Executive Forum. (2012). How Are Innovations in Technology Transforming Police? Critical Issues in Policing Series. Washington DC: PERF. Students are additionally appropriate to hire or acquirement two videos that will be acclimated for online altercation questions. The videos are the Minority Report (2002) and Eagle Eye (2008). 

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