Make  sure to altercate all of the elements of a contract. Is this a  unilateral/bilateral contract? Express/implied contract? If you begin  that there is a accurate agreement, and a breach, what was the breach? What  are all of the abeyant theories of arrangement law that may apply. If  there is a aperture what are the abeyant remedies for the breach?    In 2013, Mary Jane went to the Utopian Acura Car dealership amid in city Miami. She busy a 2013 Acura TL for a appellation of two years. The charter declared that she was able to drive the car 10,000 afar per year, annihilation in balance of 10,000 afar would be answerable at 25 cents a mile. She had a account car acquittal of $300 per month. Mary Jane was blessed because she had assuredly begin a job at Hooters in city Miami, was demography classes at MDC Wolfson Campus, and she could assuredly charter a cast new Acura. She knew that the red Acura akin her red beard and dejected eyeshadow. She gave the sales man, Jimmy, a kiss on the audacity and said acknowledge you actual much. She agreed to the action and active the sales lease.  Mary Jane took all of her accompany on all of their errands, she collection to Orlando and aback at atomic 10 times in two years. She went to Key West on the weekends, collection to St. Augustin,Tallahassee and alike went to see her ancestors in N.J. She was athrill to appearance off her red Acura and her analogous red hair.  Fast advanced the time clock, it’s now 2015. She goes to the aforementioned Utopian Acura dealership and meets with Ronald McDonald. She tells him that she’s accessible to about-face in her charter in adjustment to get a cast new Black Acura so that it can bout her new haircolor, Black. Ronald is added than blessed to advice her and he looks at the odometer. Mary Jane had apprenticed 16,000 afar in balance of the allotted annual breadth allowance (10,000 afar per year). Ronald tells Mary Jane that she has balance miles. She begins to cry and her mascara and her dejected eye adumbration runs all over her face. Ronald tells her, “Mary Jane, if you get into a new car charter with Utopian Acura Dealership today, I will cycle the amount of the balance breadth into the new car charter and abandon those fees for you.” Ronald gain to appoint in a rolling motion with his hands. Mary Jane is so animated that she all-overs up and bottomward in the sales allowance and screams, “Yes, we acquire a deal”. She active the new car charter agreement.  Mary Jane drives off into the dusk in her cast new Acura TL. But, she doesn’t alive appropriately anytime after. One ages later, she receives a bill from Utopian Acura Dealership for $4,000.00 the 16,000 balance afar x 25cents a mile. She begins to cry. Once she calms bottomward she calls Ronald McDonald and tells him, “Didn’t you say that you would abandon the balance breadth fee if I got a new car”. Ronald says I never said that, attending at your contract.     What blazon of arrangement is this? What are all of the elements of a contract? Can Mary Jane abstain advantageous the added $4,000.00? Is there any aegis that she can use? Is there any aegis for Ronald? Please altercate any and all arrangement theories of law that apply.  This charge be typewritten, bifold spaced and at atomic 3 pages in length. The answers are begin in the affairs capacity in your book. If you use any online resources, you charge accommodate a commendation to the sources at the end of your paper. I do not acquire backward projects.  

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