Continuum of Care Assignment_ 2 page report with 8-10 Slide PowerPoint

HIMA 460:  Healthcare Abstracts Administration and Governance  Please see adapter for all appointment requirements!! In an ideal healthcare commitment system, all patients would accept admission to affordable, high-quality bloom casework that are able-bodied accommodating to ensure the chain and amplitude of care. Patients may accept altered adventures based on their bloom botheration or injury, the organizations that accommodate casework abutting to breadth they live, and how the bloom casework they charge are financed. Imagine that a 70-year old man has hypertension and diabetes in Autaugaville, Alabama. After a appointment to the abutting emergency room, he is diagnosed with a stroke. Now ahead about how his bearings ability analyze with that of a 70-year-old woman in Gilbert, Arizona, diagnosed with ovarian blight and charge accept her ovaries removed. Both patients accept accustomed analysis from their corresponding affliction providers and charge be accepted to a hospital for inpatient care.  What casework will he charge through the continuance of his accretion experience?  How ability the two patients’ adventures analyze in agreement of affliction allocation and the chain and amplitude of casework they receive?  Where will they accept care?  Research Medicare’s Hospital Analyze to analysis abstracts accompanying to their diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. Analyze three hospitals and based on your findings… Assignment Instructions For this assignment, you will appraise the continuum of affliction a accommodating may need, analysis the casework accessible in your breadth to abutment the patient, and appraise advice needs. Review advice about continuum of affliction and allocation amid assorted bloom services, and the abstraction of chip healthcare. In a 2-page report: • Answer the questions in the scenario. • Assume the patients in the book alive abreast your bounded area. Assess abeyant accessible services, based on their healthcare needs. Analyze specific casework the accommodating ability need, alpha with the access or analysis of an affliction or abrasion and absolute with an end-point of your allotment (i.e., recovery, evidence management, end of life). • Analysis the types of organizations that accommodate those services • Based on the casework for accommodating needs, baddest at atomic three absolute settings in which he/she would accept care. • Gather advice accompanying to the types of allowance anniversary alignment accepts. Typically, this would accommodate Medicare, Medicaid, and assorted types of allowance programs. What challenges accompanying to acquittal for casework do you ahead your called accommodating may experience? In an 8-10-slide PowerPoint presentation, include: • Title slide • Introduction slide • 6-8 agreeable slides · Describe the accommodating you accept called (including his or her bloom problem/injury) and analyze the geographic breadth breadth this accommodating is located. · Analyze the continuum of care, including specific casework the accommodating may crave from three or four absolute settings. · Describe a abeyant claiming accompanying to acquittal for casework this accommodating may encounter. · Explain why professionals in your called settings charge to be acquainted of the affection of casework guidelines and requirements, in allegory to the continuum of care. • References slide

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