continuation of discussion

this was the aboriginal question:   The accepted acquaintance of astute affliction does not advance to an compassionate of abiding pain. AS such, abounding of us cannot alike brainstorm what active with abiding affliction can be/feel like.  For the purpose of this board, account accession (e.g., a ancestors member, friend, colleague) who has a abiding affliction syndrome. Based on the advance agreeable (articles aural the affliction interventions module) and the afterward article, altercate the biospsychosocial factors that comedy a role in their affliction experience, authoritative abiding to appraise how specific aspects of the attention, interpretation, and arresting ambit comedy a role in their akin of pain-related impairment. In addition, additionally appraise and agenda whether they address accepting affliction that follows a patient-centered/psychologically aggressive access (as declared by these authors). Finally, accommodate at atomic two suggestions for changes in their accepted analysis dieting (if applicable) that ability advance the analysis they are accepting as able-bodied as their pain-related affection of life. his acknowledgment and what we charge to answer:   From your acknowledgment aloft it is not absolutely bright whether the factors you altercate on based on the appointment interview. If so, what would be the recommended advancement for that person's analysis regimen? Accommodate a little bit of accomplishments on the being interviewed authoritative abiding to agenda at atomic one medical, one psychological, and already sociocultural agency that affects their pain. If you accept not yet conducted the 'interview' go advanced and add that area of the appointment to the altercation board.   attached is what we summited the aboriginal time 

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