“Consulting” Discussion RFP and the Contract

Review the Organization XYZ RFP (pasted below). Provide a abundant description of how you would beforehand it (1 to 2 paragraphs). REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL The Train-The-Trainer Certificate affairs for XYZ Organization will be offered afresh in March of 2001. Last year's accustomed admirable reviews. As an accomplishment appear connected improvement, we would like to allure you to abide a angle to be a presenter for our Train-The-Trainer Program. The capacity are as follows: Needs Appraisal – needs analysis, appraisal technology & tools, developing an activity plan Developed Acquirements – developed acquirements theory, acquirements styles, abecedarian needs and trainer styles Instructional Architecture – beforehand design, autograph objectives & competence/performance-based training Coaching – advice skills, feedback, acquirements transfer Belvedere Abilities – belvedere presentation, abutting with your audience, application the cast blueprint and overhead projector & LCD Abetment Abilities – allegorical vs. instructing a group, the aberration amid training and facilitating, when to use facilitation, how to facilitate Battle In The Classroom – compassionate the account of conflict, the art & convenance of listening, conflict as a acquirements tool, alienated burnout Technical Accoutrement In The Classroom – the ins & outs of a multi-media presentation, back to use it & when not to use it, how to “do” the machinery, accepted use of technology in the classroom Creative Training Techniques - how to add fun and addition into the training sessions, new methods for brainstorming, icebreakers, role plays, bold and abundant more, plus-how to catechize so the “point” of the exercise is understood Program Specifics: There will be 9 sessions offered – four of which are amount requirements and the actual are electives of which anniversary actor will accept two to accept a Certificate of Completion The sessions will be captivated on Wednesdays starting March 28, 2001 and catastrophe May 23, 2000 Anniversary affair runs from 9 AM to 4 PM with cafeteria included and will be captivated at the Highlander Inn in Manchester, NH Anniversary presenter will accept a $XXX honorarium fee which includes all travel, analysis and copying expenses All handouts charge to be affected on three aperture bite cardboard so they may be added to the participants handbook Your angle should accommodate the afterward information: 1)  Content Knowledge & Practical Experience – amuse accumulation accreditation specific to the called topic and examples of antecedent experiences. 2)  Platform & Training Abilities – amuse accommodate three testimonials of antecedent presentations, some examples of how you assignment with developed learners and a abrupt resume’ 3)  Workshop Architecture – amuse attach your proposed advertisement including a account of abutment material, visual aids and chic exercises The board will be reviewing all of the proposals in December. Therefore, if you would like to be considered, amuse abide all the advice no after than December 5th to: Contact Person XYZ Organization Street address Town, state, zip code For clarification, amuse alarm acquaintance being at (603) 123-4567. Thank you in beforehand for your submissions. The Board of Directors hopes this years Train-The-Trainer affairs will be the best yet, and with your help, I apperceive we can accomplish this goal!! Sincerely, President for Organization Acquaintance Person President, XYZ Organization VP Programs, XYZ Organization

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