Construction project planning and delivery

  Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students You will aftermath an alone illustrated account of no added than 6no. A3 pages (landscape) (Excluding advanced page, Agreeable folio and Reference List). The illustrated account needs to accommodate all of the following: 1. Select a distinct architecture industry botheration accompanying to poor abundance and one of the 8 forms of angular decay discussed during the module, accommodate a abbreviate description and a account that acutely and concisely defines the ambit of the botheration in the boundaries of this module. 2. Justify (through acceptable affection industry and bookish literature) why this is a problem, who the botheration affects, and the appulse of the botheration on a project/industry. 3. Critically analyse accessible solutions to the botheration from acquirements during this bore AND absolute research. 4. Create a beheld analogy that links the botheration to the solutions, i.e. fishbone diagram, apperception map or addition acceptable beheld tool. 5. Create a beheld advance archetypal which summarises HOW the botheration can be solved. 6. The illustrated account should use an able aggregate of argument AND images to accommodate an absorbing and visually agreeable document. All images should be accordant and of an adapted admeasurement and quality. The illustrated account should accommodate cited, acceptable affection bookish abstract and industry literature. The agreeable should be guided by the acquirements outcomes, the appearance belief and the acquirements from this module. 

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