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The Critical Evaluation Essay

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The Critical Evaluation Essay

Over the past years women have been viewed by society as a weak, incapable and inferior gender; however, belief has changed over recent years and this change has been supported by legislation and enactments. The change and misconception must begin by women believing that they are capable, brave enough, and have the potential to be what they want to be in society. The argument by Crystal Eastman on the extent of freedom for women is infringed on in various ways. Despite the fact that an amendment was enacted on women suffrage, this was just the start of a long journey for women to be regarded as free. This journey still needs serious work because victory is not easily achieved.

The writer is a feminist who really has high interest in issues concerning women. The writer must therefore have done a lot of ground research on the subject and given it a great deal of attention and thought. The writer is therefore sincerely expressing the argument with the objective of raising awareness among women. The statements in the argument arouse sympathy and vigor among women. The writer indicates that there is some hope at the end of the road that freedom and independence of women can be reached; though, something has to be invested for it to be achieved. Statements are well structured and serve the purpose of raising emotions on the topic. The statements and arguments are logical and if they were to be tested, they are what real life of women presents as the truth. The feminist gives clear details that support these claims on the matter of discussion. This approach taken by the writer of the article facilitates and enhances successful communication of the intended message. The rights, freedoms, and privileges of women are suppressed and women are made to look like the inferior gender to the men. The following details given by the writer on the freedom and independence of women in the essay qualifies it as successful;

The writer says that not many leaders of the movement and fight for the freedom of women are very active and outspoken on the issue. The fight for women’s freedom can only be won if in the sense of feminists. According to the writer, women posses many different gifts, and many of these gifts go unexploited. They are restricted to child bearing and housework activities that in the long run have no reward. Women need to grow economically since they end up becoming dependants on men. This lowers the ego of women and makes them to be restricted.

For women to be unconfined they need to be freed economically and feminists must fight for this cause. Women need to get into occupations that will be rewarding economically to them. To achieve the goal of economic independence, several barriers need to be broken. These barriers are responsible for lack of success for women in their different occupational activities they engage themselves in (Price, 1999).

Training and education is another strategy suggested by the feminist. Education is an eye opener for both opportunities and a tool that could free the bondage of dependence. Child raising plays a vital role in the images created by women to their children on the role and position of women in the society. If a woman creates the image of an ‘inferior mother’ to their daughters and sons, it’s likely that they are going to end up doing the same.

The writer goes ahead to argue that having and engaging in an activity that is income generating is necessary in the modern day when the standard of living has risen steadily. However, despite the fact that a woman will engage in these activities, she is expected to perform other household chores after spending a whole day at work. It becomes too difficult for a woman to take care of a household and a career at the same time. Some women end up giving up eventually. They end up quitting their careers for home making. Child bearing and rearing is seen as one of the activities that entangle women. Women are advised to control child bearing since it may close them from engaging in income generating activities. According to the writer, unless child bearing and rearing is declared an action that serves the society and one that is economic, their freedom is not close to be achieved or guaranteed (Obianuju, 1995).


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