Computer Ethics

Carefully read.   Write about a accountable accompanying to computer ethics.  Categorize cardboard as Introduction, ethical issues, examples, discussions, conclusion, etc.  Also allotment what you accept while autograph (Arguments)  During the course, you will address an “ethical policy” cardboard apropos a accurate computer-related technology that you accept raises important ethical questions. The ambition of the cardboard is to adduce a accessible action for your called technology that you accept is ethically justified, i.e. analyze a bad action or abridgement of action and call a replacement. You are encouraged to chase the MLA architecture while autograph this cardboard but not mandatory.  The cardboard will be developed as follows Analyze a accurate technology that you accept raises an important ethical catechism (which could be acceptable or bad). Announce why you affliction about this affair - why it affairs to you personally. You should additionally announce why the blow of us should care. The technology can ambit from the specific (e.g. radio abundance ID tags) to the accepted (computers and the Internet). Choose a affair that fascinates you and that you anticipate is important, but accomplish abiding that it relates computerization to society. Avoid selecting a "consumer's guide" topic, e.g. "how to assure your computer from viruses." Avoid bulleted and numbered lists. You may ambition to alpha award sources for the absolute actual you intend to use in consecutive versions of your paper. To this end, consecutive versions of your paper, all citations, and the bibliography should be in the inconsistent format. You are chargeless to use sources from the chic readings, but these will not calculation against the appropriate cardinal of sources in after versions. In your action paper, you should accomplish and avert an ethical position and a action acquired from that position. Discuss the technology whose appulse you are investigating, the accepted accessible action (or abridgement thereof), your proposed accessible policy, and an altercation for why this action should advance to bigger amusing outcomes. Your cardboard should be not beneath be than 1000 words in length. In your bibliography, you should accomplish advertence to at atomic 7 peer-reviewed, bookish account accessories that are at atomic 5 pages absolute in length. Substantiate anniversary absolute affirmation in your cardboard through a specific advertence to one of your bibliographic sources or don't accomplish the claim.  Plagiarism charge be beneath than 20%.  Review & Feedback After your acquiescence of your ethical action paper, your cardboard will be advised by me. Here are some aspects of anniversary cardboard I will be considering: Does the columnist call their called technology in acceptable detail to accomplish it bright how ethical issues accept arisen from the technology? Does the columnist booty an ethical position? If you can analyze normative statements, e.g. who should be responsible, what should be avoided, what should be legislated, etc., that is a acceptable clue. However, the columnist should be proposing added than aloof best practices, e.g. we should use the longest encryption key available, or we should thoroughly analysis the software afore absolution (those are policies, not ethical positions). Does the columnist abutment his/her position with absolute evidence? Are all absolute statements fatigued from cited sources? Does the columnist adequately characterize opposing viewpoints? Does the columnist accede all important opposing viewpoints? Does the columnist adduce a action to animate or accomplish ethical acceptance of the technology? Is the author's action a rational cessation fatigued from his/her evidence? Does the columnist certificate his/her alternation of argumentation and is that alternation reasonable? Does the columnist call the basal ethical attempt that abutment the specific alternation of argumentation he/she has chosen?  Optional Component:  If any of you absorbed in accepting a acceptance in action technology, you may calculation the acceptance as a acting for your final paper.

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