Part 2 Discussion This week, you will be creating two Excel spreadsheets in one Excel workbook (file). Save the book as W4DQ_YourLastName (Excel will add the absence of .xlsx to this name) and again Save generally so you don't lose any work! Name anniversary worksheet descriptively. Sheet 1 (which you will rename). Create an itemized account of at atomic ten (10) items that you will charge for your graduation party. Lay out your Excel spreadsheet afterward the archetype below. Accomplish your columns as advanced as you charge to appearance all the advice for that cavalcade by bifold beat on the band amid the columns or boring the band amid the columns. Corpuscle B2 had the Wrap Text on the Home award in the Alignment accumulation angry on due to the breadth of the description. Only accommodate numbers in the Cost per Unit, Quantity, and Cost columns so your calculations will work. When you accept entered your data, Sort your advice by Item. Share any questions about this or annihilation abroad in the Discussion Area. Sheet 2 (which you will rename). MS Excel is a abundant advice with calculations which are completed application formulas. Remember, by accounting an according assurance (=) into a cell, you are advancing Microsoft Excel to do a blueprint calculation. Refresh your anamnesis on the use of formulas from this week's assigned account and the online lectures. For Sheet 2, anticipate of a bearings at home, work, or alike a amusement or action for which you could use a adding and actualize a blueprint to break a problem. Open a spreadsheet in MS Excel and actualize your formula. Accomplish abiding you characterization apparatus of your spreadsheet. In the Discussion Area back you attach your file, call the purpose of your blueprint and how it will advice break the botheration it was advised to address. Share any challenges you had as able-bodied as tips for others. Delete the bare worksheets by appropriate beat on them one at a time and allotment Delete. By the due date assigned, accomplish your antecedent column to the Discussion Area. By the end of the week, acknowledge to at atomic two of your classmates.

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