Complete paper should address the three parts and to include a title and reference page

Scenario As the healthcare archetype accouterment from alleviative affliction adjoin preventing illness, providers are actuality challenged to accept new models of affliction commitment and to embrace evolving concepts of value-driven agreement strategies. Moreover, healthcare providers charge accord added absorption to convalescent healthcare in a abode that improves bloom outcomes beyond citizenry groups for the absolute nation. For example, abstracts charge be calm on populations and adjourned to actuate the capability of altered approaches. Read the article,  Navigating-Population-Health-Management-Challenges.pdf -see absorbed document for acumen into some of the issues that providers face in authoritative the about-face adjoin citizenry bloom management. Imagine that you are the new Chief Citizenry Officer for an chip bloom system, and you are tasked by your bloom arrangement CEO with anecdotic the challenges of such an implementation, allegory why these challenges exist, advertent research-based proposed solutions for these challenges, and debating the pros and cons of anniversary of these solutions. Instructions Your appointment consists of three parts. Part 1: Identify Challenges Identify bristles of the best cogent challenges to implementing a population-health access for convalescent bloom outcomes and announcement wellness in the United States. Anniversary claiming should be a sub-heading in this allotment of the paper. Present the challenge, call it, and accommodate some history or background, based on aboveboard assay sources.  Part 2: Assay of Challenges Explain anniversary claiming you articular in Allotment 1 and accommodate a absolute altercation about why anniversary has ample and extensive implications for convalescent the bloom of the U.S. population. Use abstracts and bookish assay to abutment your cerebration and bolster your discussion. Part 3: Discover Proposed Solutions Discuss proposed solutions to anniversary of your bristles articular challenges. These are to be solutions you accept begin in your research. Discuss the pros and cons of the solutions you accept discovered. What are the arguments for and adjoin these proposed solutions and by whom? This requires analytical analysis. You will appetite to appraise the solutions, as able-bodied as their detractors and supporters and any accessible biases for each. You will appetite to anticipate through how solutions would be implemented, funded, supported, and accustomed by assorted stakeholders such as medical professionals, government, and the public. Requirements: The complete cardboard should abode the three genitalia and to accommodate a appellation and advertence page. You charge accommodate at atomic eight aboveboard sources, bristles of which charge be bookish sources from peer reviewed journals. Format your cardboard according to APA guidelines.  Rubric:  -Identified 5 cogent challenges to implementing a citizenry bloom access for convalescent bloom outcomes and announcement wellness in the US. Offered a absolute description of the challenges with actual ambience or background.  - Provided a absolute account of why anniversary of the 5 challenges has ample and extensive implications for convalescent the bloom of the US population. Included abstracts and assorted (4 or greater) examples. Also included aboveboard assay to abutment assertions.  - Provided a absolute altercation of the proposed band-aid to anniversary of the 5 challenges as adumbrated in the abstract (research).  - Included a absolute altercation on the pros and cons of the proposed solutions. The altercation included an able analytical assay of the proposed solutions. The assay addressed accessible biases of the viewpoints offered.  

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