Company Profile of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd

Assignment ON “Company Profile of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd”. Submitted to: Chowdhury Sifat Kamal Course Instructor of Introduction to Business Administration of Business Studies Prepared by: Fuad Mohammad Shah - UG01-22-09-007 Kawsar Ahmed - UG01-24-10-023 Md. Emdadul Hasan Santo - UG01-24-10-001 Bachelor of Business Administration Batch – 24, Section – A STATE UNIVERSITY OF BANGLADESH Date of Submission: 20th April , 2011 [pic] “Company Profile of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. ” [pic] Founder Late A. C. Abdur Rahim (1915-1982) Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Bound 01. Background Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Bound was accustomed in 1950A. D. as a trading company. Late A. C. Abdur Rahim was the freeholder in this time. From 1954 it was accustomed as a bound company. In the new ambiance he had to alpha afresh. He had little capital. His capital assets were aplomb and a able acceptance in the Almighty, which agitated him through all the difficulties with a arresting triumph. He assuredly accustomed a baby proprietary trading aggregation called Rahimafrooz & Co, in Chittagong in 1950 which was afterwards congenital on 15th April 1954, which is now Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd. Rahimafrooz broadcast rapidly into assorted trading items. Within 5 years, Mr. Rahim was able to access into a collective adventure with Lucas (UK) to set up a avant-garde automotive array factory. He acquired the arch aggregation Lucas Account Ltd in 1980 which is now accepted as Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. Apart from business, he affianced himself in benevolent activities. All through his activity he was admired for his ethics and caring attitude. Afterwards a few years he larboard that job and ventured into a baby affiliation business. During aboriginal 1940s, he got alive in bartering trading of deficient items and acquired admired experience. In 1947, he absitively to move to Chittagong to alive in an ambiance of religious freedom. pic] Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Bound was started in business acceding with apple acclaimed England array aggregation Lucas from 1959. Afterwards on, they accustomed an abreast array assembly branch in Nakhalpara Tejgaon, Dhaka with the “Lucas” Cast name. Then from 1980 it got authorization from the England Lucas Aggregation accommodating abstruse and advice support. He anesthetized abroad on the 14th March 1982 in London abrogation abaft his dream, Rahimafrooz. At present Rahimafrooz has been bearing and business assorted kinds of batteries like automotive battery, accumulator array etc. Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. lso has been business apple acclaimed annoy “Dunlop”. Now Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. is complex with assorted kinds of assembly administration and bureau address business. 02. Vision “To be baton in ceremony bazaar articulation by actuality the best adopted accumulation antecedent of affection articles and casework with aerial amount of chump delight. ” 03. Mission Statement 1. • Access aggregate & amount allotment 2. • Reduce per assemblage administration amount 3. • Access artefact portfolio 4. • Backbone administration arrangement 5. • Ensure affection bodies with aerial akin charge 6. • Benchmark chump services. 04. Milestones |1954 |Incorporated by Mr. A. C. Abdur Rahim  | |1959 |Distributorship of Lucas Array | |1978 |Exclusive distributorship of Dunlop tyre | |1980 |Acquisition of Bangladesh operations of Lucas UK | |1985 |First ambassador of automated array | |1985 |Pioneering Solar Ability in accord with BP | |1992 |First anytime array exports to Singapore | |1993 |Launched Rahimafrooz Instant Ability Arrangement | |1994 |Acquisition of Yuasa Batteries (Bangladesh) Ltd and launched Excel Retreads. |1997 |Attained ISO 9002 acceptance for RBL operations | |2000 |First India appointment opened in Ahmedabad | |2001 |Awarded “Bangladesh Enterprise of the Year” | |2001 |Attained ISO 14001:1996 for RBL operations | |2001 |Launched “Agora” – the aboriginal anytime retail alternation | |2002 |Launched Rahimafrooz Energy Account announcement broadcast ability | |2003 |Established Rahimafrooz CNG Ltd. |2003 |Awarded “National Export Trophy” | |2004 |Metro net Bangladesh, a cilia optic based agenda band-aid provider for data communication, launched in collective | | |venture with Flora Telecom | |2004 |Received McGraw-Hill Platt Global Energy Award for Renewable Energy | |2004 |The Accumulation acclaimed its 50th ceremony on April 15, with a renewed, added charge to actuality acknowledged | | |while advancement its amount ethics | |2006 |Received the “Ashden Award” for Sustainable Energy | |2009 |Established Rahimafrooz Globatt Bound and Rahimafrooz Accumulators  limited | |2009 |Rahimafrooz  launched multi brand consumer electronics outlet UREKA  | |2009  |Rahimafrooz  launched apple acclaimed chump electronics brand Daewoo | |2010 |Rahimafrooz Inaugurates its bigger and best avant-garde barn at Hemayatpur, Savar. | 05. Artefact & Account Products: Rahimafrooz mainly deals with electronics articles like (TV, FRIEDGE, IPS, BATTERY, TYRE, LUBRICANTS etc). The brands that Rahimafrooz barrage are accustomed below… [pic] Service: Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd account centermost is anchored in 13 Mahakhali bartering areas in Dhaka. Actuality the artefact of Rahimafrooz is awash and application also. Actuality the account is done in avant-garde computerized system. The complaints are additionally apparent and handle from here. [pic] 06. Alignment blueprint [pic] 07. Awards & Achievements [pic]   [pic]   [pic] Asia's Best Brand        Asia's Best Employer     C& FE, CSR             CMO Award 2010      CMO Award 2010           Award 2008 [pic]     [pic]     [pic] Cast Leadership         Ashden Award       National Export Trophy      Award 2008             Award 2006             Award 2001-2002 08. Delivery Arrangement The architect and banker charge adjudge how to administer their products. Working through the accomplished sellers, dealers or agents about is easiest way of entering in the market. Whole sellers and dealers accede about amount and cartage flow, agency afore befitting a artefact in the store. Location is beneath a affair for articles or casework that barter are accommodating to go out of their way to find. 08. 1: Dealers They are the accustomed bell-ringer who deals with the specific brand. (John M. Rathmell, Manager of the Business Function. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ) 08. 2: Retailers Traditional: Home to home, accepted stores, distinct band stores, specialty shops, administration stores, archive retailers, planned arcade centers The Mass Marketers: Supermarkets and abatement houses (John M. Rathmell, Managing the Business Function. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ) 08. 3: Wholesalers Definition: Wholesaling is anxious with the activities of those bodies or establishments who advertise to retailers and alternative merchants, or to industrial, institutional, and bartering users. But who do not advertise in cogent amounts to ultimate consumers. But in the tyre market, the banker serves the purpose of the banker at the aforementioned time. Functions from the ambassador perspective: accommodate allotment of affairs Four strategies can be produced through the tows matrix. SO action represents centralized backbone to booty advantage with the alien environment. WO action represents the centralized weakness and to affected that weakness by the alien opportunity. ST action represents the backbone of the aggregation and to over appear that the blackmail by the strength. WT strategies are arresting approach directed at abbreviation centralized weakness and alienated alien threats. 09. Announcement & Advance [pic] Rahimafrooz Aggregation bound anxiously integrates and coordinates its abounding communications channels to bear a clear, consistent, and acceptable bulletin about the alignment and its products. [pic]Rahimafrooz is application all kinds of promotional allow including: •Print Media •Broadcast media •Outdoor Media •Internet & Websites Rahimafrooz is application huge promotional allow in book media. This is the bigger promotional allow of the company. They are giving advertisement on the account paper, they are additionally publishing there own newsletter account through by them. [pic] [pic] Promotion, in its broadest sense, provides added incentives for any accumulation that is an important agency in the business of a brand. It is best generally directed to the chump or to the barter or alternative affecting group. It is acclimated to animate sales or acquirement a product. (Principal of business 8th copy Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong) 09. 1: TRADE SALES PROMOTION TECHNIQUES Push Policy emphasizes promotions focused on the abutting intermediary. Barter sales advance techniques-stimulate wholesalers and retailers to backpack articles and to bazaar them aggressively. Producers use sales advance techniques to animate resellers to backpack their articles and to advance them added effectively. 09. 2: TYPES OF SALES PROMOTIONS Samples (offer chump for trail), Coupon (certificate that gives client savings), Cash acquittance (Refund money who accelerate a affidavit of purchase), Amount backpack (Reduce amount apparent by producer), Patronage accolade (reward for approved use), Discounts (direct abridgement of price), Allowance (money offered to the agent to affection the articles product) (Principal of business 8th copy Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong) 09. 3: PREMIUM ITEMS OFFER Action chargeless or at minimum amount as a bonus. Use to allure competitors customers, altered sizes of accustomed products. Study articular from the net that Burger King with the Lion King cine was offered few years aback in USA. 10. SWOT Assay The SWOT assay is a admired footfall in your situational analysis. Assessing your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, bazaar opportunities, and threats through a SWOT assay is a actual simple action that can action able acumen into the abeyant and analytical issues affecting a venture. 10. 1: Backbone o Aerial aggregation reputation. o Enable to accommodate abundant added chump achievement than competitors. o College artefact quality. o Accommodate college account quality. o Administration capability is bigger than the others. o Able administration aggregation enables to accommodate bounded coverage. o Able to barrage a new artefact faster than the adversary o Financial position is abundant added abiding than the other. 10. 2: Weakness o The above weakness of Rahimafrooz is the centralized battle of the management. Working sprit sometimes bedfast by administration battle of the organization. o Though Rahimafrooz has a actual acceptable aggregation for the business plan, but not all the bodies are experienced. o Communication barrier is the above weakness of the organization. o Expectation of the top administration is actual high. Sometimes they set actual aerial ambition which is not accessible at all time. Sometimes it becomes accountability for the employee. 10. 3: Befalling o To get new barter afterwards modification. o To accommodate added qualities in products. o Providing added account for articles to access added chump satisfaction. o Increasing the advertisement. o Increasing the administration channel. Incentive for the agent who dosage outstanding achievement in their corresponding area. 10. 4: Blackmail o Above blackmail arises from the new entrants. o Abounding competitors in the cyberbanking market. o Unethical competition. Such as, amount cut, advertising, giving allowance by the adversary may abuse position of Unilever. o Following the aforementioned action by the competitors. o Worsening law and adjustment bearings of the country. o Availability of the acting artefact in the market. ----------------------- MANAGING DIRECTOR ACCOUNTS MANAGER REGIONAL MANAGER DISTRIBUTION MANAGER MARKETING MANAGER CHIEF OPERATION OFFICER PRODUCT MANAGER ADMIN MGR C & F MANAGER NI SYSTEM DIRET SALE RETAIL MGR

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