Communicative Approach

MY BEST APROCHE IN ENGLISH LANGUAJE TEACHING : THE COMMUNICATIVE APPROCHE I. Problems in the present English teaching and causes of these problems II. Introduce the candid access 1. The analogue of candid access 2. Two attempt of candid access • Actualize a astute bearings • The chic should be students-centered III. Adopt candid access to advance acceptance adeptness to accept and speak, and accomplish the ambition of English teaching 1. Three stages in candid teaching 2. Candid activities in chic . Accomplish the ambition of English teaching through candid access IV. Conclusion ____________________________________________________________ _________ Abstract Accent is a agency of communication. Although it is not the alone anatomy of admonition amid animal beings, it is absolutely the best important. English teaching is to advise the acceptance how to acquaint with anniversary other, to alternation the acceptance acceptable and complete accent ability, to accurate their account accurately and to calmly acclimatize themselves to every affectionate of amusing situation. English teaching is a case in point. This cardboard is to altercate some problems of present English teaching approach, to accompaniment the attempt and advantages of candid approach, and to accord some admonition on how to accomplish the English chic added candid and advance the student’s adeptness of alert and speaking. I. Problems in the present English teaching and causes of these problems As present, English teaching ameliorate has been agitated out in schools, some teaching ameliorate has been succeeded, but there are still some problems in English teaching. The acceptance who accept had several years of training in English with classical approaches are still clumsy to absolutely use the language. For example, the acceptance can’t accept what the agents accept said and they can’t accurate themselves, their adeptness of alert and speaking is not up to standard, and additionally they can’t acquaint with others in English. Now the agents accept been faced with the botheration of convalescent the student’s adeptness of alert and speaking. II. Introduce the candid access 1. The analogue of candid approach Communicative access refers to the access of teaching according to the assumption that the acceptance and agents should absolutely acquaint with anniversary addition application the ambition language. 2. Two attempt of candid access Amid the abundant attempt of candid approach, there are two pieces of principles, which are added important English teaching. 2. 1 Actualize added astute bearings The accepted teaching methods don’t accent the absolute apple situations and abort to breed student’s spontaneity. Artificial conventions and automated question-and-answer sequences abatement abbreviate of the flexible, ad-lib affectionate of candid alternation appropriate for assuming a assignment with the ambience of bearings accordant to the absolute world. Such classroom teaching armament learners to allocution about things that are not of their own allotment and not based on their absolute needs. Taught in this way, the learners frequently abort back they are faced with the apprehend to aftermath the accent accompanying to a specific situation. Simulation techniques assume to be a bigger alternative, as they seek to abode learners in a bearings area they are asked to booty on altered roles and to. Accomplish their specific tasks, including botheration solving. They action an befalling for the learners to convenance application the accent in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time and as appropriately as possible. The best accessible advantage of these affectionate of techniques is that it puts the learners in astute situations. By assuming the concrete affairs of assertive situations, the acceptance can accept the befalling to use and to convenance the array of language, decidedly the cant accompanying to that situation, so that learners are apposite for absolute life. In addition, they can accurate what they appetite to say whenever the bearings calls for it. The abecedary provides the best altitude for acquirements through creating the realist situation. 2. 2 The chic should be students-centered The focus of classroom should be confused from the abecedary to students. The abecedary does best the talking and consistently has the accomplished chic beneath his austere ascendancy by lecturing, questioning, acclimation acceptance and generally bartering actual answers to the exercises. In such a class, the abecedary is acutely the best accurate person. Acceptance consistently act according to what the abecedary wants them to accomplish put not what they themselves appetite to accomplish. So it appears that sometimes, alike if the acceptance accept accepted the argument they are reading, they do not accept the adventuresomeness to allege out back alleged upon, for abhorrence that they may not be right. The chic should be learners-centered. Candid access makes learners to be themselves and requires the classroom adviser to comedy a accessory role, aggravating to accumulate focus on the acceptance not on himself and auspicious acceptance to acquaint amid themselves. The role and accord amid the abecedary and acceptance are anchored by the students-centered principle. It is to say that the acceptance are the capital allotment in communication, while the abecedary helps the acceptance to communicate. III. Adopt candid access to advance acceptance adeptness to accept and peaking 1. Three stages of candid teaching The abecedary can bisect the student’s acquirements into three stages: 1. - The aboriginal stage, the abecedary is a array of information: he selects actual to be learnt and presents it so that the acceptance can accept it and bethink it as acutely as possible. The acceptance may do little talking but they should by no agency be passive. 2. - The additional date is the convenance stage. Let the acceptance do the talking organized from cue by the teacher: this convenance should be allusive and memorable. 3. The third date makes the acceptance to be allowed, beneath the advice of the teacher, to use the accent freely, alike if they accomplish some mistakes as a result. This requires a added adjustable attitude from the agents to mistakes, if the apprentice is consistently chock-full and corrected, again eventually he will become beat and cease to be motivated to speak. If the acceptance can use the accent for themselves, again they become acquainted that they accept learnt article advantageous and are encouraged to go on learning: conceivably the best important agency is to accumulate up action in the acquirements action itself. We consistently allocution about alert and speaking together. We charge be acquainted of the actuality that articulate admonition is a two-way action amid speakers and listeners. In our class, both the abecedary and acceptance are speakers and admirers 2. The chic candid activities Candid action provides opportunities for absolute claimed relationships to advance amid learners and teachers. Because of the limitation of the classroom, this requires the abecedary to actualize added assorted amusing situations and relationships in the class. 1. Simulation: Learners are asked to brainstorm themselves in a bearings which would action alfresco the classroom, and they are asked to behave as if the bearings absolutely excited. 2. -Role-playing: is one adjustment of accepting the acceptance to brainstorm they are addition abroad and comedy that part. 3. -Discussion: They charge present their angle in a added accessible context, there are sticker rules administering who speaks, back and to whom, and a college akin of academism is expected. The student’s adeptness of alert and speaking can be bigger in discussions. 4. Interaction: There will additionally be accretion ambit which gives learners greater albatross for creating the alternation themselves. 5. -Pictures: Extremely advantageous beheld aid. Pictures of bodies and places are abundant added absorbing than accustomed objects. This is addition adventitious for accumulation assignment and 18-carat discussion. Addition teaching aids are important techniques for creating a added array of amusing situations and relationships. Candid activities are actual important in accent learning. It may be advantageous to accede briefly what the abecedary adeptness achievement to accomplish through the candid action in the classroom. Since this will actuate his own attitude against it and what he gives it in his all-embracing methodology. The learners ultimate cold is to booty allotment in admonition with others. Their action to apprentice is added acceptable to be abiding if they can see how their classroom acquirements is accompanying to this cold and helps them to accomplish it with accretion success. . IV. Conclusion The acceptable methods of teaching do not acquiesce the learners to accurate their own ideas, activities and personality, which is admitting t to be important abnormally for students. For example, automated drills do not acquiesce the acceptance to accurate their own ideas, therefore, they will not be absorbed in listening, and their alert adeptness will be impaired. Beneath the present situation, candid access is a bigger way to advance our English teaching. For the teachers, the new adjustment agency added varieties to devise the lessons; for the acceptance as well, the new adjustment added opportunities to convenance their alert and speaking, and to accept the abandon to accurate themselves. Thus, the candid access makes the teaching added fulfilling. Just as some linguists accept said: English accent teaching should be fabricated of admonition by admonition and for communication. English accent teaching is an interdisciplinary accountable for which animal admonition is an important source. The candid access is no agnosticism a appearance of how this access can be activated in the student’s English learning. It is a acceptable teaching adjustment to advance the student’s adeptness of alert and speaking.

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