Communications Question

A graphic representation of your time on the planet, this is the outline of specific dates and events that have shaped your life. This should include images. They can be actual photographs or drawings or icons. This part of the project is very similar to an infographic. Be creative and have fun with it. Due Oct20th

Autobiography / Your story in Three pages 100 pts

This is your story, a paper and creative endeavor representing a synthesis of what you have learned about yourself and your career development over the semester.  The paper should include your past, your present, your future, the meaning of work for you, potential barriers, and how to overcome them. This is due at the beginning of class on October 20th.

The Autobiography needs to be three page single-spaced 12pt font size

Information about me so you can use it to write the assignment:

– I’m from Saudi Arabia

– 21 years old

– Chemical Engineering Student

– I like tech and cars

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