Communications Question

Assignment: Integrate Instructional Software into a Specific Learning Environment


Your administration purchased some instructional software that it would like instructors in your area to incorporate into their instruction. You’ve been asked to provide a rationale for this software to other instructors.

First, in a brief paper, clarify the process of integrating instructional software into a specific learning environment, including the process of identifying teaching function and learner needs. What models might you use?

Then choose a specific piece of instructional software appropriate for your area and create a rubric to evaluate the software. Criteria you may wish to consider:

Content—will it reach a broad range of learners, including those with unique learning needs or disabilities?

Learner involvement and engagement—is it easy to use?

Technical and implementation aspects—is technical support available?

Design and aesthetics?

Effectiveness—is there an assessment component?

Cost—is the software cost-effective?

Include both the paper and the rubric in the same document.

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