Communications Question

EA5: Popular Culture and the Culture of Capitalism

EA 5 Activity and Report

*For this Engagement Activity, you will be completing the activity and then writing the report in which you will Describe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Theorize what you did.

*There is no VT video this week, so this assignment is worth 100 points.

Follow these instructions to complete the assignment:

After reading and taking good notes on each chapter, return to Table 7.1 Core Concepts and Key Questions for Media Literacy (on page 205 in 3rd edition textbook).

Recreate the chart in your own notes so that you are familiar with its contents and questions.

Choose a piece of media. Examples include a movie, TV show episode, meme, ad campaign, news article, bumper sticker, billboard, poster, etc.

Analyze your chosen media using the Media Literacy Chart you revisited. Be sure to address each concept and question provided in the chart and write down your results.

Reflect on what you discovered. What other course concepts relate to what you have found? Write these connections down.

Write your EA Report discussing the activity and how it went for you. Be sure to include your specific findings and linkages to clear ideas and quotes from the text. Directions for writing a good report below.

Post your EA Report to this forum. Submit paper by copying and pasting it directly into the body of the post. Be sure to review post for correct formatting after pasting.

Reply to your VT group members’ posts in at least a 3 sentence substantive response. Read the replies of others before posting to avoid repetition in your responses.

Follow these directions to complete a successful EA Report:

Engagement Activities and Reports (5)-Each unit, you will turn in an engagement activity report via Canvas assignments. These activities are designed to facilitate active learning alongside the readings for the course. Each activity will require you to “do something”—create, make, perform, build, film, interview, search, interact with others, etc. After you have completed the reading for the week, taken the quiz, and carried out the engagement activity, you will turn in a well-written 2 page double spaced engagement activity report using the essay DIET method:

Describe the activity in your own words (what transpired? What exactly did you do?)

Interpret the activity (why do you think it was assigned, what did you learn?)

  • Evaluate the activity (how did you do? What went well or not so well?)
  • Theorize the activity (what are the larger, overarching lessons, questions, or cultural implications? How can you expand or explore the issues in a different context?) Good reports properly cite from the textbook or reference material to illustrate understanding.
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