Communications Question

This assignment is to write a paper(800 words) for a speech, so the speaker can read thispaper for the speech. Please follow the instructions here:
You will be appearing at a prominent conference in your field or field of interest. You decide to
use the appearance to enhance your organization(NARAL Pro-Choice America) as a thought
leader. The speech topic is about why abortion should be legal in all states in the US. Your
audience is professionals in your selected field.
For this assignment you must perform the following preparation:

Decide your goal/objective (from Dean: inform, create understanding, reinforce shared
values, change attitudes, and elicit action)
• Decide which speech structure you will use (from Dean: chronological, cause/effect,
spatial or geographic, topical, elimination, pro-con, or numbered lists)
• Decide which rhetorical strategy you will use
After you decide all the preparation, please make sure to meet all the requirements here:
Speech Content
1. The speech follows and reflects steps for developing a speech;
2. The speech supports the topic chosen, clearly communicates a key message, and
builds on the five steps of communication hierarchy;
The the five steps of communication hierarchy:
• Inform- offer purpose, direction and vision
• Creat understanding- reason behind the action
• Reinforce shared values- become part of group
• Change attitudes- new perspectives to grow and prosper
• Elicit action- ultimate goal
3. Speech has clear and rational structure including an opening, body, and closing; it
uses at least one rhetorical strategy that is integrated seamlessly.
• Insert yourself in a company, briefly talk about organization’s Background, organization
objectives, and who are you(your position in the organization), and some reason why you
ask to speak
• Then start talk about the topic
• Establish rapport (audience centered, connect relationally; e.g., find a mutual event,
shared value, something in common, etc.)
• Win confidence (build credibility; e.g., state earned degrees/job title/experience, use
quotes, share statistics/facts, demonstrate you are prepared)
• Elicit cooperation (get buy-in; e.g., call to action, galvanize/motivate)
• Reasons of why abortion should be legal in all states in the US
• Persuasive and relevant

include data and research to support, not only explain the data in the body paragraphs, but
also include charts/tables to make the data visual(charts can be from the sources you
• Minto’s Pyramid (3 fields, 3 sub-fields), Dean hierarchy/structure, rhetorical strategies,
• Do not truncate, memorable, wrap-up
• *No “That’s it”
• *Remind: Words fade/Ideas linger
• *Call to Action (inspire, galvanize, motivate)
Information Organization
States the main idea/purpose upfront, at the beginning of the speech; the speaker presents
material in a clear and logical order appropriate to the message; all ideas delivered promote easy
interpretation and understanding of the main idea.
The speaker has organized for the delivery of a single topic/idea in each section of the speech;
there is a logical sequence for the content and transitions develop connections between concepts;
the structure chosen helps guide the audience through the speech.
Ideas are framed for the audience and address their needs, understanding, and concerns.

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