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Strategic management : Etude de cas 1- SWOT SWOT Apple : Strenghts : - Good acceptability amid consumers consistently with avant-garde articles (ipod: the aboriginal carriageable music player) - A aerial about-face and the aggregation is quoted on banal - They accept their own operating arrangement (Linux) - Customer adherence to the cast it actualize a association amid users of Apple - An operating arrangement added automatic than Microsoft. Weaknesses: - Steeve Job’s afterlife destabilized the cast - Artefact prices are college than alternative competitors' articles - Abridgement of adaptability (you can’t install freeware) Opportunities: - Young accouchement are application added and added articles such as Iphone, Iphone to play. - Gap amid prices of iphone and android who is closing. Threats: - The androids are developing their own applications (andoid market) - Arrival of computers with batteries that accept freedom from 9am (DELL) - Tablet PC are acceptable added attainable (price) with antagonism SWOT Samsung : Strenghts: - Highly abstruse and developed articles - Actualize their operating arrangement for adaptable buzz (Bada system) - Quick adjustment to competitors' innovations Several area are covered (tv, laptop, computer ... ) if accident of money, it’s account by alternative sectors - Acceptability of the cast = high-tech Weaknesses: - Several sectors covered cast catchall - Creating articles from the antagonism bastard - The operating arrangement Bada is new it is not led bugs, abridgement of applications... Opportunities: - Growing on Indian bazaar - Positive cast in agreement of consumers = affection Threats: - Access in prices of raw actual - Strong antagonism on the assorted markets covered by samsung. 2- Which all-encompassing strategy : About the all-encompassing strategy, Apple applies the ample adverse strategy. Indeed, Apple differentiates with his aerial affection products, the account that they adduce (Apple community) has if they articles are accomplished for the best. The all-encompassing action of Samsung is added popular. Even if it’s a absolutely abstruse brand, they comedy on the amount of the product. They don’t change the affection of the artefact but they alone try to abate the amount of production. So, it’s a amount administration action that’s application at Samsung Corp. 3- Analyse strategy Apple has an all-embracing acceptability in the acreage of high-tech with innovation, and esthetics of its products. With this acceptability the aggregation can allow to apparatus college amount than competitors. Those prices baddest barter and accordingly abate the ambition brand. Apple makes its articles in advanced with aboriginal announcement campaigns, and sells a examination creating an activity that the customer ancillary and accordingly a ample access in sales (600 000 iphone4 awash the aboriginal day of sale). Samsung operates on the actualization of cheaper articles while befitting artefact uality. This action is attainable aggressive by the technologies of competitors and produced at lower cost. Also the actuality that Samsung aftermath several affectionate of high-tech products, avoids ample losses of money if failure. 4- Suggestions/recommandations based on assay of action Samsung should advance its own designs and technologies so that flakes of the bastard angel with consumers. Apple, however, with added elitist action should adjust its prices on some articles to accomplish its artefact added attainable to abate budgets.

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