COMM 2000 University of South Florida The Competent Communicator Discussion

    1. Complete “The Competent Communicator” quiz on page 516 and find a story about health in the media. Share a hyperlink to the story or embed a screenshot. Reflect on your results, using what you have read about health messages in the media and other key terms from the text to deepen your analysis. Be sure to use, define, and cite at least three terms.
    2. Your first discussion is due by Thursday of this week and your responses are due by Sunday. Due to Canvas limitations, only the Sunday date shows. Please be aware that we will follow the Thursday/Sunday structure every week a discussion post is assigned.Part 1 (due no later than 11:59pm EST on Thursday)
    3. Provide an original and thorough response to the following promptThese are formal compositions — framing them with an opening sentence is important hereWrite two full paragraphs, paying special attention to grammar, spelling, and sentence structureBe sure to draw from and cite the text any time you reference course content (not just direct quotations)
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