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Assignment 2.1  Informative Accent Outline Due Week 4: 80 points 1) Select either Topic A or Topic B for your advisory speech. o Topic A: How Technology Has Impacted Society o Topic B: History of Your Hometown 2) Create an outline or speaking addendum in Microsoft Word. o Download the Microsoft Chat arrangement in the “Assignment 2.1” section  located in Week 4 of your course. o Develop a specific purpose, axial idea, and several capital credibility so you'll  stay aural the 3--minute time limit. o You charge use at atomic two affection resources. 3) Abide the completed Microsoft Chat arrangement in Blackboard (this is separatefrom  your speech/self--review). 4) For this assignment, you will not compose an article or speech. You are only  required to abide an outline. Assignment 2.2 Informative Accent and Self--Review Due Week 5: 145 points 1) Part 1: Almanac or upload your speech. o Refer to your outline or speaking addendum to bear your speech. Do not read  your addendum chat for word. o Follow the abstruse instructions for recording your video in the “Assignment  2.2” area amid in Week 5 of your course. o Remember to watch your recording. Do you appetite to abide it, or do you want  to almanac addition version? 2) Part 2: Complete the self--review questions. o After you accept recorded your speech, abode the self--review questions in the  “Assignment 2.2” area amid in Week 5 of your course. This reflection  helps you footfall aback and booty a additional attending at your work, with an eye on  improvement and highlighting your achievements! 3) Abide your accent and self--review in Blackboard.

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