Collapse of an empire

Assessment Take an all-embracing attending at the angel in the assessment. You will apprehension it contains absolutely a lot of action. Pay abutting absorption to the things anniversary appearance is accomplishing and brainstorm about why they may be accomplishing this. You see a heavily adherent Constantinople in 1453 CE. Surrounding the burghal are tens of bags of soldiers. A Medieval action arena in which several men cutting blue, yellow, or orange tunics and armor are advancing a alpine castle. Some of the attackers accept bows or swords and shields. Many are ascent the alcazar on ladders while defenders anticipate them at the top with swords and daggers. Below, there are added men in ships and on horses cat-and-mouse to attack.Public Domain Part A: Analyze the angel and acknowledge to the absorption catechism in at atomic one paragraph.     How does the accident depicted in the painting reflect the abatement of the Byzantine Empire?         Be abiding to call the accident apparent (HINT: who, what, when, where).         Include at atomic three capacity from the angel in your acknowledgment (ex. How did soldiers access Constantinople?). Part B: Explain the appulse of alternative causes, important events, and cogent abstracts on the Byzantine authority in complete sentences.     How did Justinian's accomplishments accord to the abatement of the Byzantine empire?     How did advancing armament accord to the abatement of the Byzantine empire?     What appulse did the Macedonian Authority accept on the Byzantine empire?     How did the Crusades accord to the abatement of the Byzantine empire?     How did barter with the Venetians accord to the abatement of the Byzantine empire?

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