CO 101 Communications Paper

CO 101: The World of Communication, Fall 2022FTV – Assignment 6
When pitching a new TV series or film, you need to be able to describe your idea in a brief way
that the producers or industry executives will understand. As we’ve discussed in class, two
commonly used elements of a pitch are the log line and the “it’s like” sentence.
For this assignment, you will practice creating these elements of a pitch, as well as describing
some key locations; you will also be doing this in your FTV project.
First, use the first episode of the Killing Eve TV series (season 1) that we watched and do the
A. Write a new log line that describes the TV episode; include all of the elements discussed
in class. Don’t use the existing log line written for Hulu or on IMDB (approx. 25 words)
B. Write an “it’s like” sentence that conveys the genre and tone of Killing Eve by
referencing similar TV series or films, using one of the formulas described in class.
(approx. 25 words)
Second, write a short paragraph that highlights two key locations used in the episode.
Describe the locations and how they connect to the story and add atmosphere. Use
approximately 50 words for each location and explanation.
Overall, your assignment should be approximately 150 words.
Use full sentences, proper grammar, and a formal tone (no colloquial language, no
I/me/my/our/your, etc.). Use only .doc or .docx; no .pdf, GDocs or .pages.

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