CMP 4422 Idaho State University Conflict Management Discussion

This is a communication writing assignment that emphasizing the importance of managing conflict between a plethora of situations. I have decided to pick the topic of managing conflict within marriage as that seemed to be an easy topic to research and find 10 academic, peer-reviewed sources. Please, throughout the writing it is imperative to highlight specific tactics of managing conflict in marriage.

Research Paper
You will develop a research paper that examines the academic research in a particular area of
conflict, negotiation, bargaining, or any other topic relevant to interpersonal or international
conflict. The paper topic should avoid areas of public policy conflict between political parties,
lobbying groups, or other stranger relationships. These types of “conflicts” are better studied
through various rhetorical and political theories. You should also avoid studying intrapsychic
conflicts within a single individual, which are the purview of psychology.
The topic should be one of your choosing, as long as it meets the requirements above. Some
general suggestions include:
Conflict in a particular setting: International conflicts, labor/management negotiations,
student/teacher conflict, conflict in marriage, dating conflict, intergroup conflict in
organizations, superior/subordinate conflict, sibling rivalries, divorce mediation,
doctor/patient conflict, or conflict between coaches and players.
Examine a particular aspect of conflict or negotiation: Image repair, conflict styles,
threats and promises, forgiveness, types of bargaining, culture and conflict,
argumentativeness/aggressiveness, bullying, the caucus, Alternative Dispute Resolution,
or the different sources of conflict.
Other topic areas are, of course, open to exploration.
Please discuss your topic with me prior to beginning your research. I want to make sure that you
are starting your research on a topic that will work for the class and assignment.
General Requirements
9-10 pages (Undergraduate)
12-14 pages (Graduate)
The paper will include an introduction that defines the central idea and previews your main
The paper will include a body that reviews the relevant literature in an organized fashion and
provides numerous examples and narratives to support the research. Do not laundry list onearticle-or-book-after-another. Instead, organize the research by synthesizing the information into
two to five main ideas.
The paper must include a conclusion that discusses the implications of your research. Explain
how the research could help people improve their conflict management or bargaining skills.
The paper must conform to the APA (American Psychological Association) style format.
Learning Competencies
Research: Students will demonstrate strong research abilities by discovering and synthesizing
research from refereed publications.
Organization: Students will be able to synthesize information from a minimum of eight refereed
publications into a small number of coherent main ideas.
Structure: Students will be able to compose a coherent paper that includes an introduction,
body, and conclusion, with transitions between the main ideas in the body of the presentation.
Knowledge: Students will be able to explain specific research findings in their chosen area of
conflict or negotiation.
Research Paper
Possible Topic: Conflict in marriage
Can use mla for research paper prefers APA
Emphasizes thesis statement (clear point, this paper is about…, can be your voice, narrative)
1st 2nd 3rd your main points
Smooth transitions
T.S: control the idea of the paragraph, should come within the first sentence and relay detail on what
the writer’s point is
SOURCES: Scholarly, academic, peer reviewed (8 to 10 sources less than 12 is normally not a good paper)

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