Wk 1 - Apply: Signature Assignment: SDLC Comparison [due Mon] Assignment Content You accept been assassin to apparatus the CRM arrangement for WeLoveVideo, Inc. Part of your job is to adduce and acclaim a activity access based on several models. A affair is appointed for abutting anniversary with the WeLoveVideo, Inc. CIO to altercate your recommendations on the activity approach. Prepare for this affair by developing a 6- to 8–slide multimedia-rich presentation that:  Explains the archetypal phases that comprise an absolute systems activity for avalanche and Agile SDLCs  Illustrates differences in affidavit produced for avalanche and Agile SDLCs, with an account as to why it would or would not be used  Explains stakeholder expectations that should be set based on the called SDLC  Outlines the pros and cons associated with anniversary avalanche and Agile SDLC and back to use each  Creates a clear arbitrary or blueprint comparing avalanche and Agile for the WeLoveVideo, Inc. CRM project, including features, team, delivery, and feedback  Lists attributes aural WeLoveVideo, Inc. that would behest your advocacy on the blazon of SDLC you would angular toward  Includes two references formatted in APA style  Write a 1- to 2-page controlling arbitrary to accompany your presentation that:  Includes your SDLC advocacy and references to abutment your recommendation.  Submit your assignment.   

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