CMGT 555 Signature Assignment Wk2

  Wk 2 - Apply: Signature Assignment: Activity Plans [due Mon] Assignment Content After application of your angle from Week 1, the WeLoveVideo, Inc. CIO is accepting a adamantine time envisioning how the activity would be accomplished based on your recommendations. She has asked your aggregation to advance a activity plan in both avalanche and Agile so she can bigger accept the implications to her team.  Using Microsoft® Excel®, Project, or addition activity administration apparatus of your best that is accustomed by your instructor, advance one milestone-level activity plan application the avalanche SDLC and a additional milestone-level activity plan application Agile SDLC that does the following: Describes the inputs and outputs for anniversary appearance of a activity aural anniversary anniversary based aloft the SDLC applied. Contains at atomic one bright anniversary at the end of anniversary activity appearance and milestones aural phases area applicable. Incorporates absolute SDLC phases based on anniversary SDLC type.  Submit your assignment. 

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