Cmgt 410 week 2 individual assignment project task list ( Original )

CMGT/410 week 2 individual assignment project task list

You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in which people are brought in from different parts of the country. This entails everything from preparation, accommodations, and facilities.
There is APA style paper using APA 6th edition •
MSWord formal APA style paper shall include: Title page, Introduction, headings, and references are expected, as part of the APA MSWord paper.) Also include .mpp as separate deliverable. • Certificate of Originality •

Note: Wikipedia is not a valid reference for this class. •
Links of importance all weeks. Grammar and Writing Guides: Review sample paper.

Submit a 2- to 3-page executive memo summarizing the project’s objective, any scoping boundaries used to define the project, and relevant facts about the tasks or resources.


Identify all related tasks and resources needed to complete this project.

· Highlight or specify any measurable deliverables relating to your project.

·       Attach a task list with assigned resources from a Microsoft® Project file that supports what you have outlined in your memo.

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