Cloud Services Go Mainstream

Case Study 3. 4 - Salesforce. Com: Billow Casework Go Mainstream 1. How does Salesforce. com use billow computing? Salesforce. com provides chump accord administration and alternative software applications appliance the software-as-a-service business archetypal over the Internet. Billow computing, additionally accepted as on-demand computing, eliminates the charge for a business to achieve ample up-front accouterments and software investments and reduces the time to apparatus new programs. Subscribers to Salesforce. om don’t accept to acquirement or advance any accouterments (albeit claimed accretion devices) nor do they accept to install any appropriate operating systems, database servers, or appliance servers. Alternative than the annual user cable fee, businesses abate their licensing and aliment fees. Users admission the Salesforce. com billow through a accepted Web browser or a adaptable handheld device. Businesses appliance the Salesforce. com’s billow accept an easier time ascent their arrangement as they admission or abatement their workforce – they acclimatize the cardinal of subscriptions to the cloud. Salesforce. com offers some customization of its software so a business can acclimatize the software to different business processes. It offers three types of clouds: Sales cloud, annual cloud, and the custom cloud. The sales and annual clouds advice businesses advance sales and chump service. The custom billow provides a area for barter to advance their own applications for use aural the broader Salesforce network. 2. What are some of the challenges adverse Salesforce as it continues its growth? How able-bodied will it be able to accommodated those challenges? Challenges include: Increased antagonism both from adequate industry leaders and new challengers acquisitive to carbon Salesforce’s success -Expanding its business archetypal into alternative areas -Ensuring the arrangement is accessible 24/7 with no outages -Defending the arrangement adjoin aegis breeches Salesforce is answering the aboriginal two challenges by partnering with Google and accumulation its casework with Gmail, GoogleDocs, Google Talk, and Google Calendar to acquiesce its barter to achieve added tasks via the Web . Salesforce. comand Google both achievement that their Salesforce. com for Google Apps nitiative will animate added advance in on-demand software. By partnering with Apple, Salesforce. com can aggrandize its applications to iPhone users who will accept admission to their abstracts anywhere any time. Through its affiliation with Amazon. com, Force barter can tap into Amazon. com’s billow accretion casework that can handle “cloud access computing” tasks that crave added processing ability or accumulator capacity. Salesforce opened up its Custom Billow (also accepted as Force. com) appliance development belvedere to alternative absolute software developers and listed their programs on its AppExchange. The aggregation alien a development apparatus for amalgam with Facebook’s amusing arrangement that allows barter to body applications that alarm functions at the Facebook site. Baby businesses can go online and download software applications, some add-ons to Salesforce. com and others that are unrelated. In adjustment to abound its revenues to levels that industry assemblage and Wall Street eventually expects, Salesforce will charge to change its focus from affairs a apartment of software applications to accouterment a broader billow accretion “platform” on which abounding software companies can bear applications. To ensure arrangement availability, Salesforce. com provides accoutrement to assure barter about its arrangement believability and additionally offers PC applications that tie into their casework so users can assignment offline. 3. What kinds of businesses could annual from switching to Salesforce and why? Baby to medium-size businesses are apparently the best adequate ones to about-face to Salesforce. com because of amount factors and the abridgement of accepting centralized assets to accommodate the aforementioned akin of accretion capacity. Businesses that are aggravating to admission the composure of their accretion capabilities could additionally annual from switching to Salesforce as continued as the two are compatible. Businesses that await on acute chump administration would annual abundantly from appliance the accoutrement accessible at Salesforce. com. Additionally companies that accept baby sales and business teams can annual from the software-as-a-service business model. 4. What factors would you booty into annual in chief whether to use Saleforce. com for your business? Businesses should appraise the costs and allowances of the service, belief all people, organization, and technology issues. Does the software-as-a-service appliance accommodate able-bodied with the absolute systems? Does it bear a akin of annual and achievement that’s adequate for the business? Does the SaaS fit with the business’ all-embracing aggressive action and acquiesce the aggregation to focus on amount business issues instead of technology challenges? 5. Could a aggregation run its absolute business appliance Salesforce. com, Force. com, and App Exchange? Explain your answer. Depending on the blazon of business, a aggregation apparently could run its absolute operations appliance Salesforce. com, Force. com, and App Exchange. All four above anatomic areas of a business are supported: Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Production, Finance, and Human Resources. There are dozens of applications accessible to absolutely abutment all of these areas. It would be a amount of amalgam the software from Salesforce. com and App Exchange with any absolute bequest systems aural the business.

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